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  • Title: 潜伏 / Lurk
  • Genre: Republican, spy, thriller
  • Episodes: 30
  • Broadcast networks: Beijing TV, Dragon TV, Chongqing TV, Heilongjiang TV
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-01 to 2011-Nov-05
  • Air time: 19:30 (2 episodes nightly)


During the Chinese Civil War, Yu Zecheng was an apparently low-key Kuomintang military officer of the Bureau of Investigation and Statistics. He was, at the same time, an underground worker who spies for the Communist Party of China.

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Production Credits[edit]


  • 27th Flying Apsaras Awards
    • Outstanding Drama
    • Outstanding Actor (Sun Hong Lei)
    • Outstanding Director (Jiang Wei)
    • Outstanding Editing
  • 15th Magnolia Awards
    • Best Drama
    • Best Actor (Sun Hong Lei)
    • Best Screenwriter Jiang Wei
  • 25th Golden Eagle Awards:
    • Outstanding Drama
    • Best Actor (Sun Hong Lei)
    • Most Popular Actor (Sun Hong Lei)
    • Audience's Choice for Actor (Sun Hong Lei)
    • Audience's Choice for Actress (Yao Chen)
    • Best Screenwriter (Jiang Wei)
  • 4th Huading Awards:
    • Best 100 Television Dramas (First Place)
    • Best Drama
    • Best Actor (Sun Hong Lei)
    • Best Actress (Yao Chen)
    • Best Supporting Actor (Zu Feng)

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