MBC Saturday & Sunday Evening 19:55

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MBC Saturday & Sunday (7:55 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Change timeslot to ~8:40 PM
Gloria 2010-Jul-31 2010-Oct-31
Dandelion Family 2010-Jan-30 2010-Jul-25
Creating Destiny 2009-Oct-10 2010-Jan-24
Tempted Again 2009-Aug-08 2009-Sep-27
Good Job, Good Job 2009-Mar-14 2009-Aug-02
My Life's Golden Age 2008-Aug-30 2009-Mar-08
Park Jung Geum, Heavenly Beauty 2008-Feb-02 2008-Aug-03
Kimcheed Radish Cubes 2007-Aug-18 2008-Jan-27
Mun Hee 2007-Feb-24 2007-Aug-12
My Sister 2006-Aug-12 2007-Feb-18
I Really Really Like You 2006-Apr-08 2006-Aug-06
Let's Marry 2005-Oct-08 2006-Apr-02
Love Hymn 2005-May-14 2005-Oct-02
Beating Heart 2005-Apr-02 2005-May-08
Han River Ballad 2004-Oct-02 2005-Mar-27
Love is All Around / I Will Love You 2004-Jun-12 2004-Sep-19
War of the Roses 2004-Mar-20 2004-Jun-06
Merry Go Round / Carousel 2003-Aug-23 2004-Mar-14
Forever Love / Dying Love 2003-Mar-01 2003-Aug-17
The Maengs' Golden Era 2002-Oct-26 2003-Feb-23
Since We Met 2002-Apr-28 2002-Oct-20
Fox and Cotton Candy 2001-Oct-27 2002-Apr-27
Her House 2001-Apr-28 2001-Oct-21
Mothers and Sisters 2000-Nov-04 2001-Apr-22
More Than Love 2000-May-06 2000-Oct-29
You Don't Know My Mind 1999-Nov-06 2000-Apr-30
Loving You (MBC) 1999-Sep-11 1999-Oct-31
Roses and Bean Sprouts / Inlaw's War 1999-Mar-13 1999-Sep-05
Love and Success 1998-Sep-19 1999-Mar-07
Should Have a Good Heart / Heart of Lies 1998-May-02 1998-Sep-13
You and I 1997-Oct-11 1998-Apr-26
Yesterday 1997-Jul-19 1997-Oct-05
Cinderella / Love and Jealousy 1997-Apr-26 1997-Jul-13
Power of Love (MBC) 1996-Dec-07 1997-Apr-20
Open Your Heart 1996-Sep-07 1996-Nov-24
Dangerous Love (MBC) 1996-Aug-03 1996-Sep-01
Same Period / The Motive / Sibling Relations (동기간) 1996-Apr-27 1996-Jul-28
Apartment 1995-Oct-21 1996-Apr-21
Love and Marriage (MBC) 1995-Apr-22 1995-Oct-15
Shoal (여울목) 1994-Oct-22 1995-Apr-16
The Moon of Seoul 1994-Jan-08 1994-Oct-16
Mother's Sea 1993-May-15 1993-Dec-26
Sons and Daughters / The Son and Daughter 1992-Oct-03 1993-May-09
Rainbow in Mapo (마포 무지개) 1992-Jun-06 1992-Sep-27
What's Love / What is Love? 1991-Nov-23 1992-May-31
Beyond the Mountains (산너머 저쪽) 1991-May-11 1991-Nov-17
Humble Men (고개숙인 남자) 1991-Jan-05 1991-May-05
Mongshil (몽실언니) 1990-Sep-01 1990-Dec-30
Betrayal of the Rose (배반의 장미) 1990-Jan-06 1990-Aug-26
Happy Woman (행복한 여자) 1989-Jul-08 1989-Dec-24
Legacy (유산) 1989-Mar-04 1989-Jul-02
Forget Tomorrow (내일 잊으리) 1988-Jul-30 1989-Feb-26
Three Women (세 여인) 1988-Jan-09 1988-Jul-24
Love and Ambition 1987-Jan-10 1987-Dec-27
Dew on Every Blade of Grass
(풀잎마다 이슬)
1986-Jul-05 1986-Dec-14
The Season of Men (남자의 계절) 1985-Oct-19 1986-Jun-29
That's Right, You Bet
(아무렴 그렇지, 그렇고 말고)
1985-May-04 1985-Oct-13
Love and Truth (사랑과 진실) 1984-May-12 1985-Apr-28
Father and Son (MBC) (아버지와 아들) 1983-Oct-29 1984-Mar-25
The Stars Are My Stars
(저 별은 나의 별)
1983-Jul-02 1983-Oct-23
Your Portrait (당신의 초상) 1983-Apr-09 1983-Jun-26
Cannot Forget (못 잊어) 1982-Oct-23 1983-Apr-03
Regret (미련) 1982-Jul-17 1982-Oct-17
Confession (고백) 1982-Mar-06 1982-Jul-11
Nocturne (야상곡) 1981-Dec-19 1982-Feb-21
Dad's Beard (아빠의 수염) 1981-Oct-10 1981-Dec-06
Angry Eyes (성난 눈동자) 1981-Jul-18 1981-Oct-04
Hello (안녕하세요) 1981-Jan-10 1981-Jul-12
Daughter (딸) 1980-Sep-06 1981-Jan-04
Endpoint (종점) 1980-Mar-29 1980-Aug-31