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On June 18, 2014, Mamamoo finally released their first mini-album, titled "Hello," promoting the retro song "Mr.Ambiguous." The girls made their first ever presentation in the program M! Countdown, on June 19, 2014. With "Mr.Ambiguous" the girls managed to enter the Top 10 of M! Countdown and Music Bank. They also managed to enter the Top 10 or Top 20 of several musical charts, such as Mnet, MelOn, among many others.

On November 21st they returned with a fourth and new single titled "Piano Man", it was only going to be released in a Digital Single format, but the company, seeing that the fans had been disappointed by not releasing a mini album, decided to re-release the single but as a mini-album on December 2, 2014, adding one more song, "Love Lane".

"Piano Man" also received a very good response on the music charts. Mamamoo won the best rookie award at the GAON Charts Kpop Awards 2014, for achieving 500,000 downloads among their singles "Mr.Ambiguous" and "Piano Man", and being the female rookie group with the most number of downloads and streaming in 2014.


In 2015, Mamamoo made a comeback on April 2, with the song "AHH OPP!" in collaboration with fellow singer-songwriter eSNa, and just mere hours after being released it immediately entered the top 100 and 50 of several music charts. The song was only promoted by the group during the first two weeks of April, as it was a pre-release on its return in June with a new mini-album.

There was expectation building surrounding Mamamoo's return and a new album; there was a sense of relief for the fans when the agency announced on June 3 that Mamamoo's return was scheduled for June 19 with new material and a big surprise waiting for them. A music video was released on June 19, and the EP was released on sale. The song was immediately placed first on the charts of Mnet, Genie, and Olleh. Later that same day it also got first place in Soribada. And it didn't come out of the top 5 in other musical charts.

The "Pink Funky" EP was a chart topper and a huge success, the group, later attend their first official fan meeting called "Moo party" at Woori Financial Art Hall in Olympic Park where it broke ticket records. The group enjoyed a very successful 2015, and their brand gained nationwide recognition as a whole.

In 2016, Mamamoo released a new music video that once again put the group on the map; it was one centered around a song they recorded for a mobile game OST, the song was called "Girl Crush." But fans were craving for a new album, and their wish became true when the group released their first album, it was titled "Melting." Its first single "You're the Best" was a chart-topper reaching the top spot of several music charts.

The group would later release another EP titled "Memory," its lead single "Décalcomanie" received heavy rotation on music channels, and it was a chart-topper, "Love" another single was a theme song for the hit tv show Goblin. A year later, in 2017, a fifth EP was released, titled "Purple." "Yes, I Am" its lead single reached the number one spot of several music charts.

Mamamoo currently is expanding their musical concept to new heights by releasing 4 EPs over the course of 2018. The four EPs have a concept centered around the seasons, the first EP of the seasons concept was released on March 7, 2018, its lead single "Starry Night" was a huge success across Asia, then released the second EP of the seasons concept on July 16, 2018 it is titled "Red Moon" with "Egotistic" as its lead single.