Ming Dynasty

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Ming Dynasty


  • Title: 天下 / Tian Xia
  • English title: Ming Dynasty
  • Also known as: 天下之喋血紫禁城 (Tian Xia Zhi Die Xie Zi Jin Cheng) / 大明天下 (Da Ming Tian Xia)
  • Genre: Historical drama, wuxia
  • Episodes: 42
  • Broadcast network: GZTV
  • Broadcast period: 2007-Dec-11 start
  • Opening theme song: Tian Xia (天下) by Mao Ning
  • Ending theme song: Jiang Hu Min Yao (江湖民谣) by Han Hong


The waning years of the Ming dynasty were also some of the darkest in Chinese history, characterized by conspiracy and deceit. At a time when the stable hand of a competent ruler was desperately needed, the one who sat on the highly coveted throne was ironically Emperor Xi Zong, a man who despised his position and whose greatest desire was to become a skilled carpenter. His lack of interest in government affairs had opened the door for rebellion and serious abuse of power by the notoriously devious eunuch Wei Zhong Xian and his cronies. They use blackmail and severe methods of torture to force others to do their bidding and abolish those who are a threat to their circle of influence. After Qian Jia Yi and Murong Qiu's godfather, Yang Lian, became one of Wei Zhong Xian's victims, Jia Yi and Qiu decide to seek revenge with the aid of their friends, but get entangled in a web of treachery involving an assassination attempt on the emperor. During their quest to uncover the truth, they learn that things are not always as they seem... -- Lady Zhuge

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  • Zhu Hai (朱海) wrote the lyrics for both theme songs.

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