Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities

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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities


  • Title: 镜·双城 / Jing Shuang Cheng
  • English Title: Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities
  • Genre: Xianxia
  • Episodes: 43
  • Broadcast network: Tencent, Youku
  • Broadcast period: 2022-Jan-16


Within the six realms and four seas, there exists a dreamlike paradise named Desolate Clouds. Su Mo, the new generation Sea Prince meets Bai Ying, a female disciple of the Sword Saint. The two of them unknowingly gets embroiled in a generation feud and struggle of fate. In the midst of the political struggles, Su Mo painstakingly loses his loved one. He then travels the world in cultivation for a hundred years, and returns with a new-found identity as the King of Sea. Su Mo meets Bai Ying again, but due to circumstances, the lovers are unable to reunite. Bearing the burden of bringing the Merman folks back to their tribe, Su Mo embarks on a journey to resist the Cang Liu kingdom.

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The drama is part of the "Mirror" series alongside Yu Gu Yao.

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