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  • Group name: 모모랜드 / Momoland (Momolaendeu)
  • Japanese name: モモランド (Momorando)
  • Chinese name: 莫莫土地 (Momolet)
  • Official fanclub name: Merry-Go-Round
  • Official motto: "Get your ticket!"
  • Debut date: 2016-Nov-10
  • Talent agencies: MLD Entertainment (Korea), King Records (Japan)

About Momoland[edit]

On July 15, 2016, Mnet announced their plans for an upcoming program titled "Finding Momoland" to find the members of the next female group. The first member chosen was Hye Bin, followed by Nancy, Na Yun, Ahin, Yeon Woo, and JooE. The last member chosen to join Momoland was Jane, who was chosen by the public. Momoland officially debuted on November 10, 2016.


  • Hye Bin (Leader, rapper, vocalist, and dancer)
  • Jane (Pre-chorist, sub-vocalist and principal dancer)
  • Na Yun (Sub-vocalist, rapper, and dancer)
  • Daisy (Lead rapper, lead vocalist, and dancer)
  • JooE (Main chorus singer, support rapper, and supporting dancer)
  • Ahin (Sub vocalist and Dancer)
  • Nancy (Chorus singer, visual, dancer, and maknae)

Former Members[edit]

  • Yeon Woo (Vocalist, pre-chorist, rapper, dancer, and visual)
  • Tae Ha (Lead vocalist, main pre-chorist, backup chorus girl, and dancer)

TV Show Theme Songs[edit]

Variety Shows[edit]

  • Super TV (XtvN, 2018)
  • After School Club (Arirang TV, 2018)
  • Knowing Bros (JTBC, 2017)
  • Weekly Idol (MBCevery 1, 2017) (ep. 288)
  • Pops in Seoul (Arirang TV, 2016)
  • Finding Momoland (Mnet, 2016)

Radio Shows[edit]

  • Sound K (Arirang Radio, 2016)
  • Kim Heung Guk Radio (SBS Radio, 2016)
  • Hwa Jung's Power Time (SBS Radio, 2016)
  • Kim Chang Ryul's Old School (SBS Radio, 2016)


  • 2019 Asia Artist Awards: AAA Choice (Singer)
  • 2019 Gaon Chart Music Awards: World Rookie Award
  • 2019 Golden Disc Awards: Digital Bonsang ("Bboom Bboom")
  • 2019 Japan Gold Disc Award: Best 3 New Artist (Asia)
  • 2019 Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang
  • 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards: Bonsang
  • 2019 The Fact Music Awards: Artist of the Year
  • 2018 Melon Music Awards: 1theK Performance Award
  • 2018 Genie Music Awards: Dance Track (Female) ("Bboom Bboom")
  • 2018 Korea Popular Music Awards: Bonsang
  • 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Discovery of the Year
  • 2018 Asia Artist Awards: Best Icon (Music)
  • 2018 Korea Cable TV Awards: Artist of the Year
  • 2018 Brand of the Year Korea: Idol of the Year
  • 2018 MTN Broadcast Advertising Festival: CF New Star Award
  • 2018 KCON LA Artist Engagement: Most Contagious Smiles
  • 2018 Soribada Best K-Music Awards: Bonsang
  • 2017 Asian Model Awards: Best New Artist
  • 2017 Korea-China Management Awards: Asian Rising Star Award
  • 2017 Asia Artist Awards: Rising Star Award
  • 2017 25th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards: K-Pop Artist Award


  • All the members of the group were winners of the survival program "Finding Momoland".

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