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2007-2010: First Steps into Acting[edit]

In 2007, she made her acting debut alongside fellow co-star Lee Min Ho in Mackerel Run, the SBS comedy-drama series was a success with audiences. They both would end up co-starring on the hit comedy Our School E.T.

Her breakthrough role came by taking a role on the historical romance series The Painter of the Wind, the SBS series was a huge success with audiences and critics, Moon Chae Won's portrayed the role of Jung Hyang a beautiful entertainer who falls in love for the character portrayed by actress Moon Geun Young a female painter who pretends to be a man. Viewers and critics gave huge compliments and praises for both actresses performances and as well as their chemistry, even though the homoerotic subtext of both characters relationship was feared to be a controversial move or career killer for both actresses. At the 2008 SBS Drama Awards, both actresses won the Award for Best Couple, it was the first time in Korean drama history, won the Award for best couple, it was unexpected because of the predominantly sexual conservatism of South Korea.

Moon Chae Won's profile reached new heights by appearing on one of 2009 top rated dramas, SBS melodrama Shining Inheritance, she followed that role with a supporting turn in the hit KBS2 comedy series Take Care of the Young Lady, both dramas boost her profile and made her a recognizable figure among audiences.

In 2010, she took the lead role in SBS melodrama It's Okay, Daddy's Girl, her performance was praised by critics and audiences, her role was one that surprised viewers who were astonished of seeing the depth and range she demonstrated in her leading role of Eun Chae Ryung, a rich socialite who is spoiled and also reckless ends up learning the error of her ways after learning that her father has a brain hemorrhage.

2011: Nationwide Recognition[edit]

In 2011, Moon Chae Won was offered the lead role in the hit action blockbuster Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon / War of the Arrows, she was the sole female performer and co-starred with fellow actors Park Hae Il and Ryu Seung Ryong. Moon Chae wong spent several months before filming practicing archery and taking horse riding lessons. She won several acting awards for her performance of a sheer will independent woman who was not a damsel in distress, an important aspect of her character that resonated with audiences.

In the same year she made her small screen comeback by taking the lead role in KBS romance historical drama The Princess' Man, her acting was praised by viewers and critics over the course of the drama series, she won Top Excellence Award at the KBS Drama Awards for her performance of Lee Se Ryung, the daughter of a noble who falls in love with the son of a political enemy of her father.

2012-present: Big and Small Screen Success[edit]

In 2012, she starred alongside co-star Song Joong Ki in KBS2 romance melodrama No Such Thing As Nice Guys, the dark drama series was penned by Lee Kyung Hee who wrote Sorry I Love You, Thank You among others. Moon Chae Won's role drew praise from critics for her performance of Seo Eun Gi, a young woman who is cynical and calculating who ends up in the mindset of helpless innocence after getting amnesia. the drama received huge viewership numbers and it was one of the top-rated dramas of the year. Moon Chae Won won the Top Excellence Award at the KBS Drama Award for the second year in a row because of her performance.

The next year she appeared in a lead role in KBS2 medical drama Good Doctor, her performance of pediatric surgeon Cha Yoon Seo drew praise by critic and audiences, she prepared herself for the role by meeting real life doctors, researching everything related to her character's medical field and witnessing several surgeries first-hand.

In 2015, she made her big screen comeback in hit romantic comedy film Love Forecast, the film was the onscreen reunion after several years of her Shining Inheritance co-star Lee Seung Ki. The film was a box office success with audiences and critics praised her performance of reporter Kim Hyun Woo, who onscreen is a fitting symbol of elegance and beauty, but offscreen she likes to drink and swear a lot. She later starred in the same year in The Mood That Day opposite Yoo Yeon Seok.

In 2016, she took the lead role in SBS' dramatic thriller Goodbye Mr. Black, the drama was successful with critics and audiences. In 2017, she starred as part of the lead ensemble in the crime drama Criminal Minds, a South Korean remake of the highly successful American series of the same title, the drama series wasn't as successful as its American counterpart and Moon Chae Won's was criticized by critics and audiences for being bland and stiff.

In 2018, she starred in tvN's fantasy romance series Tale of Fairy.