My Love from the Ocean

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My Love from the Ocean


  • Title: 来自海洋的你 / Lai Zi Hai Yang De Ni
  • English Title: My Love from the Ocean
  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy
  • Episodes: 28
  • Broadcast network: Tencent
  • Broadcast period: 2018-Jun-12


Love story between a mermaid princess and a surfer who “rescues” her from the water.

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  • My Love from the Ocean (来自海洋的你) by Li Hong Yi & Zeng Yong Xi
  • Until We Meet Again by Jiang Liwen
  • I Love You by Li Hong Yi
  • Seven Seconds of Love (七秒的爱) by Xuan Zi
  • I will close my eyes by Li Minglin
  • Baby Its You (Baby是你) by Li Minglin
  • Planet (星球) by Li Hong Yi
  • Forget Me (忘了我) by Fine乐团
  • North and South (以北以南) by Shu Ge / Fang Daren

Production Credits[edit]

  • Director: Hong Qiang (吴强)
  • Screenwriter: Yao Yao (姚瑶)
  • Producer: Li Er Yun
  • Company: Hongquan Films, Tencent Penguin Pictures

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