My Puppy Lover

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My Puppy Lover


  • Title: 我的寵物老公 (我的宠物老公) / Wo De Chong Wu Lao Gong
  • English title: My Puppy Lover
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast network: ETTV
  • Broadcast period: 2004
  • Opening theme song: Grace by Jerry Huang


Qi He Ping is a very well-known vet. His clinic is often visited by high-school girls. This is because he is a very kind vet, always gives free treatment to those cats and dogs, and also help them to find their owner as well.

He Ping is like any other superstar, tall and handsome. His charisma has attracted a lot of young girls and every girl knows he doesn't have a girl friend and have not dated any girls. No one can tell why he hasn't got himself a girlfriend. Maybe the only reason is because of his family background. Most of his family members have marriage problems.

He Ping's sister, Qi Kai Le, is a famous scriptwriter. She and a famous killer Zhang Dong Xi got married and then divorced after 3 days of honeymoon. He Ping's father is an air steward and when he was 18, he got marriged and He Ping's sister was born. But then, their parent's marriage didn't last long.

Li Xi Zhen is a Korean, she is studying at Tai Da University and did her vet practise in He Ping's clinic. Due to her friendliness and character, He Ping have some feelings towards her. However, because of fear, he didn't tell her. He Ping treated Xi Zhen very well, and theremore she have some misunderstanding...

Xi Zhen's parents were divorced when she was young, and she was brought up by her grandma. Xi Zhen hoped to have a happy family and her love towards He Ping grew on after day by day...and her wish is to marry He Ping.

The Qi Family's relationship is so complicated...however, they still love and give support to each other... This is how the story starts...

--Taken from AsianFanatics


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