My Wife is a Ginseng

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My Wife is a Ginseng


  • Title: 我家娘子是人参 / Wo Jia Niang Zi Shi Ren Sheng
  • English title: My Wife is a Ginseng
  • Genre: Xianxia, romance
  • Episodes: 24
  • Broadcast network:
  • Broadcast period: 2021


Thousand years ago, Luo Qing Immortal Lord attains a ginger seed and plants it in the Baili Mountain of the Demon World. Thousand years later, the evolved spirit was adopted by Han Tianxue as her daughter, and named Ren Youyou. Han Tianxue brings You You to the bottom of Bai Li Shan Mountain, and opened an inn there named Bai Li Inn.

One day, Tang Ziang from the human tribe accidentally intrudes into the Demon world, and fainted infront of the inn. Ren Youyou uses her own blood to make a medicine, and cured Tang Ziang. Tang Ziang secretly retains some of You You's blood and uses it to save his childhood lover Zuo Yang, who was hurt by the Demons. However, because the demonic energy entered Zuo Yang's body along with You You's blood, her life was put in danger and could only be saved with You You's ginger heart. Alas, You You fainted from excessive loss of blood. Thankfully, she was saved by Xiao Li Immortal Lord, who uses his own inner core to nourish her.

When You You wakes up, she abided by Han Tianxue's suggestion, and got married with Xiao Li Immortal Lord. Before the wedding, You You instructs somebody to send her ginger heart to Tang Ziang. After losing her heart, her soul becomes unstable and she could not differentiate between hot and cold temperatures. You You meets Luo Qing Immortal Lord once again in an accident, and knows that Tang Ziang is actually Luo Qing Immortal Lord's split identity, who came to the Demon World for a love trial...


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