Nageki no Bijo

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Nageki no Bijo


  • Title: 嘆きの美女
  • Title (romaji): Nageki no Bijo
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Episodes: 8
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast period: 2013-Jan-12 to 2013-Mar-02
  • Air time: Saturday 23:15
  • Theme song:


The drama is based on the same-titled novel by Yuzuki Asako, and is about a woman, who doesn't just look ugly, but has an ugly character too. Ikeda Yaiko stays cooped up in her house daily, and goes online to bad mouth others. One day, this "around-thirty" Yaiko stumbles upon a site that hosts all the blogs by beautiful women. It's what's called, "the lamentations of a beautiful woman".

Not long after, unexpectedly, Yaiko ends up living under the same roof with those beautiful NHK

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Production Credits[edit]

  • Original writing: Yuzuki Asako
  • Screenwriters:
  • Producer:
  • Director:

Episode Information[edit]

Episode Subtitle Ratings
01 Ugly woman vs beautiful woman
02 A beautiful woman's problems taste like honey
03 Detective Yaiko's case files
04 The ugly woman and the beautiful woman's spirit
05 I want to shine too!
06 The awful beauty pageant
07 The much admired beautiful woman and the ugly woman
08 Setting off on a beautiful day
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