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  • Title: ナオミ
  • Title (romaji): Naomi
  • Also known as: Naomi ~ 3 teachers and students less ordinary
  • Genre: School
  • Episodes: 12
  • Viewership ratings: 17.88
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 1999-Apr-14 to 1999-Jun-30
  • Theme song: "Girls Be Ambitious" by True Kiss Destination & "Hearts" by Tohko


An extraordinary teacher Toudou Naomi (Fujiwara) is hired by a school undergoing reforms to be the teacher-in-charge of a problematic class. With her very unusual way of teaching, she changed her students and influenced her colleagues, including the other 2 Naomis: Kai Naomi (Ryo) and Yashiro Naomi (Sato). --Le Chateau de Jo

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Episode Information[edit]

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Episode Air date Title English Translation Rating
01 1999-04-14 史上最強の女教師登場 Strongest Woman Teacher in History 16.6%
02 1999-04-21 女なら命がけの恋をしろ A Desperate Woman's White Love 15.6%
03 1999-04-28 ミスコンそれは女の戦い Beauty Pageant: Battle of Women 16.4%
04 1999-05-05 私の愛した…ストーカー I Loved...A Stalker 18.0%
05 1999-05-12 性格ブスは治らないっ!? 17.9%
06 1999-05-19 ナースな教師 生徒がパパ Nurse Teacher, Students Papa 17.7%
07 1999-05-26 レイプ事件!?犯人は教師 Rape Incident? Teacher Offender 14.5%
08 1999-06-02 監禁!女が命を張る仕事 Captivity! A Woman's Life Work 19.8%
09 1999-06-09 母なる教師の涙 Tears of a Mother Teacher 17.6%
10 1999-06-16 プライドを賭け戦い Pride Fight 19.2%
11 1999-06-23 27回目のクビさらば先生 27th Neck: Farewell Teacher 19.8%
12 1999-06-30 女を賭けた最後の授業 Gambling on the Woman's Last Lecture 21.5%

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