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  • Title: 나빌레라 / Nabillera
  • Also known as: Like a Butterfly
  • Genre: Drama
  • Episodes: 12
  • Broadcast Network: tvN
  • Broadcast Period: 2021-Mar-22 to 2021-Apr-27
  • Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:00
  • Original Soundtrack: Navillera OST


A retired mailman and a young man build a friendship through ballet.

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Main Cast
Correlation Chart
Duk Chul's family
  • Na Moon Hee as Choi Hae Nam (72, Duk Chul's wife)
  • Hong Seung Hee as Shim Eun Ho (23, Duk Chul's granddaughter, Sung San's daughter)
  • Jung Hae Kyun as Shim Sung San (48, Duk Chul's eldest son)
  • Kim Soo Jin as Shim Sung Sook (45, Duk Chul's eldest daughter)
  • Jo Bok Rae as Shim Sung Kwan (39, Duk Chul's youngest son)
  • Shin Eun Jung as Kim Ae Ran (48, Shim Sung San's wife)
  • Jung Hee Tae as Byun Young Il (43, Shim Sung Sook's husband)
Chae Rok's family
  • Jo Sung Ha as Lee Moo Young (48, Chae Rok's father)
Ballet studio
  • Kim Tae Hoon as Ki Seung Joo (37, ballet teacher)
  • Yoon Ji Hye as Eun So Ri (36, Ki Seung Joo's ex-wife, dance instructor)
  • Lee Hwa Ryong as Oh Joong Shik (39, orthopedic surgeon)
  • Im Sa Rang (임사랑) as Kwon Bom (24, dance academy student)
  • Yong Ki (용기) as Kim Sang Soo (23, dance academy student)
  • Lee So Young (이소영) as Yoo An Na (24, ballet studio pianist)
Chae Rok's school friends
Special appearances

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  • Based on the webtoon Navillera (나빌레라), written by HUN and illustrated by Ji Min (지민).

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