Niji wo Kakeru Ouhi

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Niji wo Kakeru Ouhi


  • Title: 虹を架ける王妃
  • Title (romaji): Niji wo Kakeru Ouhi
  • Tagline: 朝鮮王朝最後の皇太子と方子妃の物語
  • Tagline (English): The Story of Princess Masako and the Joseon Dynasty's Last Crown Prince
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Genre: Period drama
  • Viewership rating: 17.2
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast date: 2006-Nov-24
  • Air time: Friday 21:00
  • Related TV shows: Haruka naru Yakusoku


Princess Masako (Kanno Miho), the first in the Imperial House of Japan to be married off to a foreign country, and his Highness the Crown Prince Eun (Okada Junichi), the last member of the ill-fated Joseon Dynasty of Korea, forcibly brought to Japan at the young age of 11 under the premise of education... Amidst fierce rivalry between Japan and Korea, these two are chosen for a political marriage in the interests of "friendship" between the two countries, but through the eras of upheaval--Meiji, Taishou, Shouwa--these two would attempt to forge that fateful marriage into a bond of true love.

Combined with location shots at UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Important Cultural Properties sites, this drama paints on a grand scale the story of a beautiful but trying love engulfed into the whirlpool of history. --quashlo (translated from the prologue at [1])

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Niji wo Kakeru Ouhi

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  • This is the first night of a two-night special program featuring two true stories about the miraculous love between a husband and wife. The second night is Haruka naru Yakusoku.
  • The 2003 TV Asahi tanpatsu drama Ryuuten no Ouhi - Saigo no Koutei featured the political marriage between Pujie, the younger brother of the last emperor of China Puyi, and his Japanese bride Lady Hiro Saga.

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