Onna to Ai to Mystery

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  • Title: 女と愛とミステリー
  • Title (romaji): Onna to Ai to Mystery
  • Genre: Crime drama
  • Format: Ichi wa kanketsu keishiki
  • Broadcast network: TV Tokyo
  • Broadcast period: Wednesday 20:54 to 22:48


Onna to Ai to Mystery is a weekly mystery series. Virtually all storylines follow along the following path:

  • A murder occurs early on.
  • A lead person attempts to solve the case.
  • A murderer is found, and usually confesses.

Each week features a fresh new cast and storyline. Most of the cast consist of B-artists or artists who were big at one time but are on the decline in popularity.

Main Tanpatsu[edit]

The tanpatsu listed in this section are not the only series in existence. Dozens of other tanpatsu not listed here were created as well. The tanpatsu listed here are those who have developed a strong viewer following, and therefore the writers use the same characters in multiple tanpatsu.




監察医・篠宮葉月 死体は語る[edit]



信濃のコロンボ事件ファイル [edit]

事件記者・浦上伸介 [edit]

旅行作家・茶屋次郎 [edit]

ヤメ検弁護士・英剛直 [edit]

パートタイム探偵 [edit]

いなか刑事・伊原泰三の退職捜査日誌 [edit]

坊さん弁護士・郷田夢栄 [edit]

さすらい署長・風間昭平 [edit]

検事・近松茂道 [edit]

亀井刑事・十津川警部トラベルサスペンス [edit]

小早川警視正シリーズ [edit]

和泉教授夫婦シリーズ [edit]

多摩南署たたき上げ刑事・近松丙吉 [edit]

Other Tanpatsu[edit]

Warui Yatsura[edit]

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