Otasukeya Jinpachi

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Otasukeya ☆ Jinpachi


  • Title: お助けや☆陳八
  • Title (romaji): Otasukeya Jinpachi
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Episodes: 12
  • Viewership rating: TBD
  • Broadcast network: NTV / YTV
  • Broadcast period: 2013-Jan-10 to 2013-Mar-28
  • Air time: Thursday 23:58 - 00:38
  • Theme song: MY NAME "WE ARE THE NIGHT" by Yoshimoto R and C/YM3D


In Asakusa, there is a family of rickshaw runners that spans 5 generation. They are all known as Kurumaya Jinpachi. The current Jinpachi, used to work in Osaka, but was called back to Asakusa by his grandfather, who is the 4th generation's runner.

One day, the secret of Kurumaya Jinpachi is shared by the grandfather to his grandson. They are not just any plan rickshaw runners, they are actually the vigilantes of Asakusa, going round saving the helpless and punishing the bad guys... -NTV-

In downtown Tokyo, an unusual trio of heroes emerge...

Girls deceived into paying money to bad guys...

Elderly involved in a banking fraud...

Kids being bullied...

The little injustices that we can all relate to...

Because of injustice, the dreams of people looking for happiness are shattered. Of course, we want to help people out, but to lend out a helping hand you need to be bold and there are some risks. We don’t have time to meddle in other’s misfortunes. Unforunately, that’s what we all assume.

But as reckless as it is, what if there was someone who was willing to stand up to such injustice...without having any weapons, never giving up even if things don’t work out. Even if they aren’t cool, always trying their best, the most clumsy but beloved hero... The main character, Jinpachi, a rickshaw man, after a mere turn of events is left to take on the secret business of his predecessor. The predecessor secretly helped people in trouble by hurting the villains, that couldn’t be punished under the law.

Jinpachi wants to become a hero too, but in reality, it’s not so easy. Having zero potential of becoming a hero, Jinpachi is conflicted. But after meeting a strong geisha entertainer, Ponta and an ex-doctor, Tatsuya, the three of them bring togehther their strengths and they recklessly begin their fight against injustice. -YTV-

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