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2006-2010: Acting Career Debut and Hiatus[edit]

Park Bo Young made her official acting debut in 2006, in the high school comedy series Secret Campus. She appeared in other outstanding projects on the small screen such as the historical drama series The King and I and the award-winning teen drama, based on real-life events, Jungle Fish. Park Bo Young and co-star Kim Soo Hyun received huge praise for their performances as pressured students on the verge of a mental breakdown, because of the pressures placed on students to gain admission South Korea's prestigious colleges and universities.

She quickly rose to fame in 2008, by making an appearance on one of South Korea's highest-grossing films of all time, the hit comedy film Speedy Scandal. The movie provided her with numerous accolades and she was declared as the "Nation's Little Sister".

Unfortunately, in 2010, she was forced to take a hiatus in her acting career, becoming involved in a series of legal disputes with her management agency and later a film company.

2011-2014: Acting Comeback and Nationwide recognition[edit]

Park Bo Gum returned to the big screen in 2012, taking the lead role in the horror film Don't Click; the film was a huge box office success and Park Bo Young's acting, in particular, received much praise from critics and audiences.

She then starred in a dual lead role in the romantic melodrama Wolf Boy. It was number one at the box office, and it quickly became one of South Korea's highest grossing melodramatic movies of all time. The film was universally praised by critics, and audiences and her acting alongside her chemistry with co-star Song Joong Ki was a notable aspect of the film's success.

In 2014, she headlined the teen romantic comedy Hot Young Bloods, she portrayed Young Sook a tough foul-mouthed leader of a high school gang, a clear departure from the role she used to portray, the film was a smashing hit with audiences and film critics alike. The role had its fair share of difficulties, after all, Park Bo Young found it very hard to master her characters southern dialect, which is a mixture between Jeolla and Chungcheong dialects.

2015-: Small Screen Comeback and Challenging roles on the Big Screen[edit]

A year later in 2015, she took the challenging leading role in the mystery-thriller film The Silenced, the film was a box office success, her performance received rave reviews by film critics and she was nominated for several acting awards, winning a few such as the one for Favorite Actress at the 15th Korea World Youth Film Festival. She then starred in a dual role in tvN's romantic comedy series Oh My Ghost, her chemistry with co-star Jo Jung Suk was lauded by critics and the drama was a smashing hit with audiences. She began to be dubbed by the South Korean press as the "romantic comedy queen" of dramas.

Another film she starred in that same year was the black comedy film Collective Invention, the film was screened at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival where it received modest reviews by film critics, although Park Bo Young's performance as a shrewd and conniving love interest of the main character was considered a career turning point for her. At the end of the year, on November 25, it was released You Call It Passion a comedy film based on the popular novel of the same name by South Korean author Lee Hye Rin, the film chronicles the struggles of a newly graduated who struggles in her work in the entertainment news section of an important newspaper. The film was a huge success and it received positive reviews.

In 2016, her fame reached unprecedented new heights after she was cast in the lead role in JTBC's television series Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, the television series was a smashing hit with audiences and it became one of the highest rated Korean dramas in cable television history. In 2018, it was released the romantic comedy film On Your Wedding Day, the film enjoyed a huge success at the box office and her performance and chemistry with co-star Kim Young Kwan were heavily praised.

She is currently slated to appear in tvN's fantasy comedy series Abyss, she will be portraying a beautiful prosecutor who becomes a plain and ordinary looking woman because of a magical pearl she took. It will premiere in 2019.