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Career Beginnings/Pre-debut

Park Hyung Sik started appearing in a music video as his debut in 2009, the music video was Date by the band Jewelry S, he was the male lead in that music video and it was his first exposure in front of the cameras. In the span of a year, he started appearing in reality programs and as a uniform brand model that gave him well enough exposure to audiences.


At the beginning of 2010, Park Hyung Sik was selected to be part of a South Korean boy band, it was called ZE:A. He made a very first good impression as a talented performer and was one of the most renowned and more recognizable figures in the music ensemble. He started to engage in several promotional activities, he was a regular guest star in several variety shows, and he had bit roles in a few drama series as well. A year later, in 2011, he made his debut on the stage, in a musical play, the play was Temptation of Wolves, alongside fellow singer co-star Ryewook, both ended up receiving critical praise for their performances and singing in the musical play, and the musical play as a whole was a smashing success.

Park Hyung Sik started to take his acting career more seriously when in 2012, he starred in the drama special I Remember You. Then he starred in SBS' Dummy Mommy, it was a role close to home for him because he portrayed a musician who was the lead vocals of an indie band, the year later he had a role in a KBS2 drama special, it was his second one. He then starred as the younger version of lead actor Lee Jin Wook in tvN's romance science fiction series Nine: Nine Time Travels, his acting was praised by critics and he gain noteworthy attention by viewers and the drama series enjoyed high viewership over the course of its run.

Park Hyung Sik started to gain more attention among viewers by appearing in the South Korean variety show Real Men, he then starred in a couple of successful drama series, the drama series were KBS2's What Happens to My Family? and SBS teen romance drama series Heirs, each drama series was released a year apart from the other, What Happens to My Family? in 2013, and Heirs in 2014.

In 2016, Park Hyung Sik starred in the lead role in the historical drama Hwarang: The Beginning, a year later he starred in another lead role in JBTC's hit romantic comedy Strong Woman Do Bong Soon alongside co-star Park Bo Young, the drama enjoyed an amount of success unprecedented in South Korea, and it was an even bigger hit internationally. Park Hyun Shik became an overnight sensation, he even received several endorsement offers.

In 2018, Park Hyung Sik starred in the lead role in the South Korean remake of the American legal drama Suits, his acting was lauded as well as his chemistry with male co-star Jang Dong Gun, it enjoyed a high viewership number over the course of its run. Park Hyun Shik is currently slated to play a role in the legal drama film The Jurors that will be released sometime this year and it will also be his film debut.