Past Life and Life

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Past Life and Life


  • Title: 两世欢 / Liang Shi Huan
  • English title: Past Life and Life
  • Genre: Historical, Mystery, Romance
  • Episodes: 36
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2020


Yuan Qingli is the daughter of a general who was attacked by bandits on her way to a nunnery. After waking up from her coma, the now amnesiac noble lady undergoes a 180-degree personality shift. Qingli escapes an arranged marriage by cross dressing and working as a constable at Qinhe, where she meets Jingci, the adopted son of the Prince of Zhao.

Jingci is responsible for escorting his childhood sweetheart Feng Mianwan to a neighbouring kingdom to cement political relations, and is ambushed along the way. Saved by loyal followers, he returns to his kingdom under a new identity, and works with the heroine to unravel Zhu Yougui’s political conspiracy.


Actor Role Notes
Yu Meng Long Jing Ci Adpoted son of Prince Zhao. He later takes on the identity of "Duke of Liang", and became a magistrate at Qinhe.
Chen Yu Qi Feng Mianwan / Yuan Qingli Daughter of a general.
Zhang Si Fan Mu Beiyan Son of Prince He. Yuan Qingli's childhood sweetheart.
Ma Yue Princess Chang Le
Wang Gong Liang Zuo Yanxi Adopted son of Prince He. Shadow guard of the Liang Emperor.
Ding Ke Er Wang Zesheng Daughter of Prince Zhao. Jing Ci's cousin.
Cong Jian Zhang A Heng Jing Ci's bodyguard.
Liu Shuai Zhao Yan Yuan Qingli's close friend. Jing Ci's cousin.
Wang Yu Xiao Lu

Production Credits[edit]

  • Original Writing: Liang Shi Huan (两世欢) by Ji Yue Jiao Jiao (寂月皎皎)
  • Director: Yu Cui Hua (余翠华)
  • Screenwriter: Ji Yue Jiao Jiao (寂月皎皎)
  • Producer: Lu Peng (卢鹏)
  • Company: iQiyi

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