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Princess Silver


  • Title: 白发 / Bai Fa
  • Also known as: 白发王妃 / Bai Fa Wang Fei
  • English title: Princess Silver
  • Genre: Historical, Romance
  • Episodes: 58
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi, Tencent, Youku
  • Broadcast period: 2019-May-15


Rong Le, a princess of the royal family of the Western Qi Kingdom who wakes up one day to find that she has lost her memory. She is ordered to marry Zongzheng Wu You, seventh prince of the neighboring Northern Lin Kingdom, though her husband-to-be refuses to let her inside his manor. Unable to return home, Rong Le settles down in Northern Lin and takes over a tea house under the alias of Man Yao. It is rumored that the Qin family has misplaced an extraordinary tome that will supposedly usher in a time of prosperity for all the kingdoms, and Man Yao embarks on a journey to find the book. Rong Le and Wu You meet and fall in love, though Wu You does not realize Rong Le's true identity. However they are forced to separate when Rong Le’s brother Rong Qi orders her to marry the powerful General Fu Chou.

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Actor Role Notes
Zhang Xue Ying Rong Le / Man Yao Princess of Western Qi. She disguises as the owner of a tea house named Man Yao during her mission.
Her real identity is a descendant of the Qin family named Qin Man, and was an assassin in Western Qi until her memory was wiped by Fu Yuan and she was forced to take on the identity of Rong Le.
Aarif Rahman Zongzheng Wu You Prince Li of Northern Lin. An arrogant and intelligent man who doesn't abide by the rules. He doesn't believe in love due to the tragic marriage of his parents, until he met Rong Le.
Jing Chao Fu Chou Great general of Northern Lin. A powerful and intelligent strategist.
Fu Yuan's son, Rong Le's husband. His actual identity is Wu You's real brother.
Luo Yun Xi Rong Qi Emperor of Western Qi. A calm, rational and distant man.
Rong Le's first love. He suffers from a poison passed on by his mother and cannot live pass 24.
Chen Xin Yu Hen Xiang An assassin of Wu Chou sect. Fu Chou's underling and confidant.
Her real identity is actually a descendant of Qin family, named Qin Xiang.


Northern Lin[edit]

Actor Role Notes
Royal family
Canti Lau Emperor
Nie Mei Empress
Deng Sha Royal Consort Yun Wu You's birth mother.
She was accidentally killed by the Emperor after he was poisoned by Fu Yuan.
Mao Fan Zongzheng Xuan Ming Prince Fanyang.
Liu Han Yang Zongzheng Xiao Ren The Crown Prince. A pompous and cruel man. He treats Wuyou as his biggest rival.
Zhang Xuan Crown Princess She loves the Crown Prince and often tries to advise him.
Shu Ya Xin Zongzheng Wu Yu Ninth prince (Prince Chen). A bright and straightforward man. Wu You's closest brother. He likes Shao Yun.
Officials and generals
Lu Zhong Sun Jizhou
Lu Zhuo Yu Wenjie A general who is in cahoots with the Crown Prince.
Wang Jian Yu Shihai A minister who is in cahoots with the Crown Prince.
Yang Cheng Ming Yang Wei
Ding Zi Jun Qin Yong Former Prime Minister. Rong Le's real father amp nd Wu You's teacher. He was falsely killed under charges of treason.
Zhao Yong Zhan Li Zhengyuan Former subordinate of Qin Yong. He chose to submit to the Crown prince after Qin Yong's death.
Gao Guang Ze Xiang Ying Fu Chou's personal guard.
Ni Han Jin Leng Yan Wu You's personal guard.
Wang Ge Qiu Yi A servant at the Princess manor. She was later killed by Yu Wenjie.
Huang Can Can Chen Yu A courtesan whose family was affiliated to Prime Minister Qin.
Wen Zhu Zhao Yun A noble lady who lost her parents since young. Wu You and Wu Yu's childhood friend. She likes Wu Yu.
Dai Wen Wen Sun Yali Daughter of a civil minister. A pure and talented lady. She was saved by Fu Chou and fell in love with him, but later finds out he is only using her.
Wang Chun Long Yue Rong Le's subordinate at the teahouse.
Yang Xue Xiao Wei
Li Si Yang Wu Xiangzi Wu You's subordinate.

Western Qi[edit]

Actor Role Notes
Tian Hai Rong Fu Yuan Grand dowager of Western Qi.
Rong Qi's mother and Fu Chou's adoptive mother.
She was the former Empress of Northern Lin, until her husband decided to betray her and give her to the Emperor of Western Qi.
Wang Yu Ling Yue Rong Le's servant. She likes Xiao Sha.
Gao Shuang Xiao Sha Rong Qi's personal guard, who was sent to protect Rong Le. He likes Ling Yue.
Mi Mi Xiao Ke Xiao Sha's younger sister. She is skilled in the arts of medicine, but is unable to cure her own illness.
Zou Xin Yu Lian Xin Rong Le's servant.
Liu Hao Qun Yin Wei Rong Qi's shadow guard.
Dong Dou Xiao Xunzi Rong Qi's servant.

Chen kingdom[edit]

Actor Role Notes
Lu Zhan Xiang Emperor
Xu Ke Ning Qianyi Prince of Chen kingdom.
Tian Lei Lin Shen


  • Xiao Zhi (小至) by Yisa Yu & Aarif Rahman
  • Inviting Moon (邀月) by Li Qi
  • If Snow (若雪) by Aarif Rahman
  • Hong Chen Wei Tang (红尘微烫) by Lu Yi
  • No Worries (无忧) by Zhang Xue Ying
  • Leaving the Shore (离舟) by Su Xing
  • Heart Lock (心锁) by Jin Runjie

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