Private Shushan Gakuen

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Private Shushan Gakuen


  • Title: 私立蜀山学园 / Si Li Shu Shan Xue Yuan
  • English title: Private Shushan Gakuen
  • Genre: Xianxia, school
  • Episodes: 30
  • Broadcast network: Tencent
  • Broadcast period: 2020


Teng Jing is an orphan who grew up in Shu Mountain (Shu Shan), and was brought up by Shu Shan College's principal Lan Tingyu and chief department Zhong Xi. He becomes the eldest in the elite class of Shushan College, achieving good results and being well-loved by both teachers and classmates. Qiu Qi is a transfer student who comes to the college after his parents' disappearance. Under the arrangements of the principal, he becomes Teng Jing's room mate. Teng Jing and and Zhong Xi did not get along at first due to vastly different personalities, but became good friends later. One day, Teng Jing's lover Nangong Ling suddenly avoids him and announces that she is transferring school. Teng Jing and Qiu Qi then work together to find out the true reason for Nangong Ling's sudden weird behavior. At the same time, Teng Jing also helps Qiu Qi find his missing family. All these experiences help Teng Jing to grow up and bid farewell to his immature self.


Production Credits

  • Original Writing: Private Shushan Gakuen (game)
  • Directors: Huang Jun Wen, Song Ping (宋平)
  • Screenwriter: Zhao Shi Fang (赵世芳)
  • Producer: Guo Ling Na (郭凌娜)
  • Company: Softstar Entertainment, Xing Zong Heng Film and Television

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