Qi Pao Tian Tang

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Qi Pao Tian Tang


  • Title: 起跑天堂 / Qi Pao Tian Tang
  • Also known as: My Way / Run
  • Genre: Sports-related idol drama
  • Episodes: 22
  • Broadcast year: 2005-Feb-01
  • Opening theme song: Chan Lian (单练) by Bao Jian Feng
  • Ending theme song: Lang Bei (狼狈) Distressed by Bao Jian Feng


Yin Zhen Feng was a promising sprinter in a competitive rivalry with Xiao Jin. Both of them had the potential to shatter the current 100m record. On the day of a big competition, Zhen Feng's father is admitted into the hospital in potentially life-threatening condition. Zhen Feng promises his father that he will win the competition and bring home the trophy. Zhen Feng and Xiao Jin race neck and neck, with both of them successfully breaking the old record. Zhen Feng is announced as the winner, fulfilling his promise to his father. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Zhen Feng mysteriously disappears soon after, and Xiao Jin is declared the winner instead... -- Lady Zhuge

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