Qu Yuan

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Qu Yuan


  • Title: 屈原 / Qu Yuan
  • Genre: Historical drama
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast year: 2000
  • Opening theme song: Lu Man Man (路漫漫) Long Road by Man Wen Jun
  • Ending theme song: Shen Shen Ai Lian (深深爱恋) Profound Love by Ye Fan


This moving drama chronicles the tragic story of Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet and minister from the state of Chu during the Warring States Period. China was in chaos during that time, as each of 7 kingdoms fought to unite the country under its own sovereignty. In 316 BC, Qin, the strongest state, planned to conquer Chu and then the other 5 kingdoms. Qu Yuan advocated allying with Qi in order to establish a stronghold against Qin. As a political idealist and a man who loved his country more than himself, he was devoted to reforming and revitalizing Chu for the good of its people.

For their own selfish reasons, corrupt individuals in the Chu court slandered Qu Yuan and dissuaded the king from taking his advice. The king turned a deaf ear to harsh truths about the state of Chu and banished Qu Yuan from its capital of Ying. Qu Yuan lamented about Chu's inevitable downfall, but his loyalty never wavered. In 278 BC, he committed suicide upon learning that Ying had been captured by Qin general Bai Qi. His death is commemorated by Duan Wu Festival. -- Lady Zhuge

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  • Preparation for the production of this series started in 1995. Filming officially began on 1999-Jul-24 in Yanqing and wrapped 115 days later in Hunan where historically, Qu Yuan ended his life. Other filming locations included Hebei and Henan.
  • Production cost: Over 10 million yuan (~$1.25 million)

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