Rent a Girlfriend Home for New Year

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Rent a Girlfriend Home for New Year


  • Title: 租个女友回家过年 / Zu Ge Nv You Hui Jia Guo Nian
  • Also known as: Rent a Girlfriend Home for New Year
  • Episodes: 24
  • Genres: Romantic comedy
  • Broadcast network:
  • Broadcast year: 2010
  • Opening theme song: 给我你的爱 (Give Me Your Love) by 冷中易 原梓霏
  • Ending theme song: 爱渐渐离开 by 原梓霏


Chu Xiao Xiao grew up wealthy and independent, but when her family is in trouble, Xiao Xiao must earn money by writing a story on girlfriend rental. Sun Yi Wei is the son of a prestigious ancestral family and is being pressured to marry. So he tells them he already has a girlfriend. But when they ask him to bring her home for Chinese New Year, he ends up placing an ad online to rent a girlfriend. Xiao Xiao responds to the ad to gain insight for her story.

The pair make a fake-girlfriend contract. But can they convince his family they are in love? Or will the fake become real? This adorable and touching romance is told with a unique blend of ancient and modern Chinese tradition.

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  • Du Chun as Sun Yi Wei 孙翌伟
  • Xue Jia Ning as Chu Xiao Xiao 楚笑笑
  • Zhu Lin 竹灵 as Shang Xiao Tian 尚小甜(Xiao Xiao's best friend)
  • Yuan Wen Kang as Fu Zuo 符佐 (Yi Wei's best friend)
  • Yuan Zi Fei 原梓霏 as Tong Jie 佟洁 (Yi Wei's ex-girlfriend)
  • Joe Easy 冷中易 as Zhong Lei 钟磊 (Yi Wei's nephew)
  • Fang Fang as Chu Wen Zhu

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