SBS Friday Night 20:55, 21:55

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SBS Friday Night (~8:55 PM, ~9:55 PM)[edit]

  • Two episodes of each TV show are usually shown back to back.
Title Start Date End Date
The Scale of Providence
timeslot's final show
2008-Aug-29 2008-Oct-24
My Sweet City 2008-Jun-06 2008-Aug-01
Why Did You Come to My House 2008-Mar-28 2008-May-30
Bicheonmu 2008-Feb-01 2008-Mar-21
30,000 Miles in Search of My Son 2007-Nov-02 2008-Jan-25
Fly High 2007-Aug-24 2007-Oct-26
Snow in August 2007-Jun-15 2007-Aug-17
Oh Lovers 2007-Mar-30 2007-Jun-08
Salt Doll 2007-Jan-12 2007-Mar-16
My Love 2006-Oct-27 2007-Jan-05
My Lovely Fool 2006-Aug-11 2006-Oct-13
I Go With You 2006-May-19 2006-Aug-04
One Day Suddenly 2006-Feb-24 2006-Apr-28
That Woman 2005-Dec-09 2006-Feb-17
Tears of Diamond 2005-Sep-23 2005-Dec-02
I Love You, My Enemy 2005-Jul-15 2005-Sep-09
Woman Above Flower 2005-Apr-22 2005-Jul-01
Love and Sympathy 2005-Jan-28 2005-Apr-15
Three Wives
timeslot's initial show
2004-Oct-15 2005-Jan-21