Saihate no Himawari

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Saihate no Himawari


  • Title: さいはての向日葵
  • Title (romaji): Saihate no Himawari
  • Also known as: The Farthest Sunflower
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Genre: Family drama
  • Viewership ratings:
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: 2007-Sep-16
  • Air time: Sunday 14:00


The story revolves around two pairs: a lawyer (Otsuka) and her son (Fukasawa Arashi), who experience a small strain in their relationship; and an estranged father (Nakamura Katsuo) and son (Arakawa Yoshiyoshi) who happen to meet again after many years. –-Tokyograph


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