Saikyo no Onna

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Saikyo no Onna


  • Title: 最強のオンナ
  • Title (romaji): saikyo no onna
  • Genre:
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Broadcast Network: TBS, MBS
  • Broadcast Period: 2014-Oct-05
  • Airtime: Sunday 21:00
  • Theme song: hoshi ninegai wo (Wish Upon a Star) by Mori Megumi


One day, middle-aged Fukuda Midori sees an advertisement and applies for a post with the Western food chain Millennium Corporation which sells hamburgers. At the interview venue, she meets the company president Kirihara Reiko, who is younger than her. After the death of her husband who had been a Western restaurant chef, Reiko took over the business and single-handedly expanded the number of outlets while bringing up their only daughter, Mai. Her furious streamlining of the business and cost-cutting measures have made the company’s managing director, Hasegawa Kyoichi, worry about the future. Although Reiko is infuriated by Midori’s seemingly impudent behavior at the interview, she needs a helper to take care of Mai just then, and ends up hiring Midori as a housekeeper instead of an employee. Reiko has sets her sights on having 100 outlets and works hard. She realizes that the hamburgers no longer taste so good. But she is past the point of no return with the deteriorating sales. On the other hand, Mai is agonized by bullying at the private elementary school she attends. She has little time with her busy mother and is initially cold towards Midori too. However, Mai gradually starts to open her heart in the course of interacting with the meddlesome Midori. Midori and Reiko are not afraid of open conflict, but they soon develop what seems like a friendship which across generation. In comparison to Reiko who is an effective president and shoulders a heavy responsibility, Midori looks like she lives life her own way with neither a regular job nor family. She appears to have some “secret unhappy past” with Takuya, a youth who hangs out downtown with fellow delinquents... --jdramas wikipedia


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