Sayonara (song)

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  • Song title: さよなら³
  • Song title (romaji): Sayonara³
  • Sung by: RUI (イ・スンチョル)
  • Music:
  • Lyrics:
  • Related drama: Rondo

Translation Lyrics[edit]

Extracted lyrics of the song, "I Believe" appeared under" Expectation of the theme…." and "Soyanara" as below is translated (credit to ASABOU team) ………for the interest of RONDO fans…..…..


  • In a dream, finger tips frozen
  • The two of us woke up to a different mornings
  • Leave those things in the place of yesterday
  • Now that you have searched under this heartless sky
  • Sayonara, sayonara (goodbye so long)
  • In sorrow, I say to you the words goodbye twice
  • Because of shadow and things, I do not know of light
  • For love, anything is possible
  • If I could see the stars leaving
  • As time passes, each road fades away
  • Sayonara, sayonara (goodbye so long)
  • These two words of goodbye only brings tears which I cannot show
  • Hand in hand, we believe in the future
  • For love, anything is possible
  • Because no one can give up love….