Seija no Koushin

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Seija no Koushin


  • Title: 聖者の行進
  • Title (romaji): Seija no Koushin
  • Also known as: When the Saints Go Marching In
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Human drama
  • Episodes: 11
  • Viewership ratings: 20.7%
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: 1998-Jan-09 to 1998-Mar-27
  • Air time: Friday 22:00
  • Theme songs: Ito (1-4, 10-11), Inochi no Betsumei (5-9) by Nakajima Miyuki


Exploring the perception and treatment of mentally-challenged youth and their similarities to juvenile delinquents in Japanese society, this drama series follows the trials and tribulations of a group of adolescents in a work/study program for mentally-challenged teenagers. Although the program's intention is to gently "normalize" them for introduction in society, the group is subject to constant physical and mental abuse unbeknownst to their parents and teacher, Ms Hagawa. However, the friendship between Towa, a naive but unusually articulate member of the program, and Arisu, a rebellious schoolgirl, helps both of them learn to overcome their troubles. Features a star-studded cast of current popular youth idols. (TBS)

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Episode Information

Episode Subtitle Original Title
01 The Blue Sky is My Friend 青い空はぼくの友達
02 Alice in Wonderland 不思議の国のありす
03 Wish Upon a Star 星に願いを
04 Don't Cry Friend 泣くな ともだち
05 My Older Brother's Secret おにいちゃんの秘密
06 Eternal Wedding 永遠の結婚式
07 Alice Became a Star 星になったありす
08 The Hope of a Single Fragment ひとかけらの希望
09 The Day Wept for the Weight of Life 命の重さに泣いた日
10 The Battle Becomes Sacred 聖なる戦い
11 Our Future is Full of Light? ぼくたちの未来はひかりにみちているか

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