Shi Da Qi Yuan

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Shi Da Qi Yuan


  • Title: 十大奇冤 / Shi Da Qi Yuan
  • Genre: Detective, mystery
  • Episodes: 36
  • Broadcast network: JSZY
  • Broadcast period: 2008-Nov-12 start
  • Air time: 19:35


This is a comedy, fantasy, investigation drama series set during the mid of Ming Dynasty period. About ten years ago, famous Imperial Doctor name Li Heling framed in murdering beloved concubine Hui Fei. He was executed without trial but someone switched him with Bei Batian let him escape, and he fell from a cliff.

In Present Day, There are twin brothers named Liu Fuxing and Liu Tianjue. They both share identical faces and physical body but with opposite character. Liu Fuxing is lazy, a gambling addict, cheerful and funny whereas Liu Tianjue who is government official and work as magistrate is a just, kind-hearted, gentle and always help those in needs. One day Liu Tianjue got killed on the way to Yuanchang, the county city where he will be working as a county magistrate. Liu Fuxing stumble upon severely injured Liu Tianjue in the forest, his twin older brother in his last breath ask and persuade Liu Fuxing to solve Madame Xu case and avenge his death by finding the real killer.

Liu Fuxing swaps place with his older brother and replaces him to become a good and fair magistrate. No one knows that Liu Fuxing impersonates as Liu Tianjue.

Liu Fuxing meets an enigmatic and talented medical doctor named Jin Huzi in Yuanchang county. Liu Fuxing uses his wit and talent to solve the case with the help of Jin Huzi and win people favor.

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