Shikatsushi ~ Joou no Houigaku ~

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Shikatsushi ~ Joou no Houigaku ~


  • Title: 屍活師~女王の法医学~
  • Title (romaji): Shikatsushi ~ Joou no Houigaku ~
  • Also known as:
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Genre: medical drama
  • Episodes: 1
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast date: 2013-Sep-27
  • Air time: Friday 21:00-22:27


Rumpled after staying up all night long, Associate Professor Kiriyama Yuki (Matsushita Nao) of Kanagawa Chuo University's forensic medicine class receives a phone call about the discovery of a drowned man at a pier. Detective Murakami Ei (Matsushige Yutaka) of Tobu Police Precinct is at the scene as Yuki arrives. The police regards drowning as the cause of death because the possibility of foul play is low, but she talks to the dead body, telling him that she will listen closely. The drowned man is identified as Kasai Kazuma. Fourth-year medical faculty student Inukai Hajime (Yokoyama Yu) intends to be a clinician for the department of surgery, but does not make the cut due to his grades. He goes straight to bargain with Yuki, determined to ask for a change in course. However, shortly after that, he is ordered to help with Kasai's autopsy. Although Inukai is overwhelmed by Yuki who presides over the place like queen with a scalpel in her hand, some words on the wall gets him curious Yuki immediately notices that there is no water retained in the windpipe even though the body was found drowned. The cause of death is not drowning. Another dead body is brought over. It is the body of a kidnapper who had fallen to his death while escaping and clues to the kidnapped child are lost. Because the child has diabetes, his life will be in danger if he is not found in the next few hours. Yuki halts Kasai's autopsy and quickly dissects the kidnapper. She identifies the place where the kidnapper had been through the autopsy. Inukai only half believes Yuki, but the site where the child was held captive is identified and the child is taken into custody unharmed. A life was saved through forensic medicine. Yuki resumes Kasai's autopsy and tells Murakami that there was foul play because he died from strangulation. It is later determined through a police investigation that Kasai murdered a former Keimei University classmate Suzuhara Miyako (Matsuyama Airi) six years ago and had just been released from prison three days ago. They are suspicious about a phone call he made to Toyama Shunpei (Kashiwabara Shuji) after he got out. Kasai, the late Miyako and Toyama had been friends. Miyako was going to go out with Toyama despite being pregnant with Kasai's child and it is believed that Kasai had killed her in a fit of rage. After that, Inukai hears from Kasai's mother Hatsue (Iwamoto Masuyo), who has come to claim her son's body that at the time of the case, that a Keimei University professor Shiraki Minoru (Kazama Morio) had made effort to try to prove that Kasai was falsely accused. If that is true and the real criminal is out there... Murakami heads to Keimei University to meet Shiraki and Toyama who is now a lecturer but... --Jdramas

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