Shuang Fei (song)

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  • Song title: 雙飛
  • Song title (hanyu pinyin): shuang1 fei1
  • Song title (English): Flying Together
  • Sung by: Peter Ho
  • Music and Lyrics: Li Zi Heng (李子恒)
  • Related drama: Butterfly Lovers


Chinese Hanyu pinyin Translation


冷暖相隨 悲歡同淚 

我是萍 你是水 
地久哭 天長淚



bu deng lai shi zai xiang yue

jin sheng jiu yao wu hen wu hui
bu wen qian yuan wo shi shei
zhi guan jin chen he ni ri ri yue yue

wo yuan yu ni xue zhong ni
hong chen cun cun ni zhong xie
leng nuan xiang sui bei huan tong lei
zhao zhao mu mu xiang yi wei

wo shi pin ni shi shui
xiang feng xiang ai bu shi zui
di jiu ku tian chang lei
wei ni lan hong wo de xie

wo yuan yu ni shuang shuang fei
wo yuan yu ni shuang shuang fei
jin sheng you le ni wo meng yi hui
lai shi deng ni jiang wo zui

wo yuan yu ni shuang shuang fei
fei li hong chen shi you fei
ren jian chi qing tiao tiao bu gui ru
bu ru tian shang bi yi die

Don't wait till next life to meet again

Let's make this life to be without hate or regret
Don't ask me who I was
Just know, I want to be with you for days and months

I wish to be with you like mud in the snow
Every inch of this world has blood in the mud
Be with you through coldness and warmth. Cry with you in happiness and sadness
Keep each other company during each day and night

I'm the duckweed and you are the water
Us meeting and falling in love is not a crime
The earth is forever crying. The heaven is forever in tears.
My blood is dyed red for you

I wish to fly with you as a pair
I wish to fly with you as a pair
To have you in this life. It's a dream.
Waiting in the next life for you to get me drunk (note: fall in love)

I wish to fly with you as a pair
Fly away from the troubled world
Human's infactuation is a long road with no return
It's better to be a pair of butterflies in the sky