Snow Leopard

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The Leopard


  • Title: 雪豹 / Xue Bao
  • English title: Snow Leopard
  • Genre: War
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast period: 2010


The story recounts the experiences of Zhou Wen, a graduate of Whampoa Military Academy for rich kids. After killing Japanese that was there at that time he was captured and sentenced to death, but due to the fact that his dad has a lot of political power in the area, he was able to escape death and changed his name to Zhou Wei Guo. He was willing to give up fame and fortune, endure hardships, joined the military, and was very successful in combat and created the first group of soldiers to create the special operation task force known as "Snow Leopard" to fight off the Japanese during WWII.

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I would highly recommend this is a must watch for those people who likes war dramas. The drama gives you a lot of details on the second sino-japanese war(a.k.a. WWII). The drama also has a lot of other element included in it, it is sad many of the time (since this is war), but there is also quite a lot of funny scenes (tends to be more in 1st half of drama rather than towards the end). There is also quite a bit of romance going around in the drama. Overall this is a great drama to watch with loads of action and a bit of romance.

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