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Style OST[edit]

Style OST
  • Title: 스타일 OST / Style OST
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Language: Korean, English
  • Release Date: 2009-Aug-28
  • Number of Tracks: 18
  • Publisher: SBS Content Hub (에스비에스콘텐츠허브)
  • Agency: Al's Company (알스컴퍼니)
Track Listing
No. Song Title Artist
1. Tell Me Rottyful Sky (로티플스카이) and Kim Jin Pyo (김진표)
2. You and I Ryu Shi Won and Kim Jin Pyo (김진표)
3. Hey Hey Ho Woo Yi Kyung (우이경) and Eom Ta Woon (업타운)
4. Mambo Jambo
Jonny G (쟈니 쥐) and Cha Yeo Wool
어쩌다 너를
Rottyful Sky (로티플스카이)
6. Only You
그대만을 사랑합니다
Seo In Young of Jewelry and Ryu Shi Won
7. Edge By Edge (Inst.) Various Artists
8. Lady Connection (Inst.) Various Artists
느린, 그러나 피할 수 없는... (Inst.)
Various Artists
10. Need Some Coffee Break? (Inst.) Various Artists
처음 만났던 그 때처럼 (Inst.)
Various Artists
구름 속을 달리다 (Inst.)
Various Artists
13. Get Back to My Stylish (Inst.) Various Artists
14. Red Oasis (Inst.) Various Artists
꿈과 그림자 (Inst.)
Various Artists
As Time Goes By (Inst.)
Various Artists
17. Tell Me (Hanul Ver.) Rottyful Sky (로티플스카이)
18. You and I (JP Ver.) Ryu Shi Won and Kim Jin Pyo (김진표)

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