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  • Title: TV소설 / TV Soseol
  • Broadcast network: KBS1 and KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 1987, 1995 to 2009, 2011 to present

About TV Novel[edit]

TV Novel (TV소설) is the name of a KBS1 daily morning drama series. It is a collection of TV shows that usually feature a wide variety of characters whose lives intersect in a small town. The long number of episodes in each story allows characters to be fully developed and explored in depth. The first show named Love aired on 2 March 1987. The TV Novel series' original run ended in 2009, mostly due to production costs, but resumed again in November 2011 on KBS2.

Air Time[edit]

Channel Broadcast period Air time Episode length
KBS1 1987-Mar-02 to 1987-Oct-08 Monday to Friday 7:25 45 minutes
1996-Mar-04 to 2007-Apr-28 Monday to Saturday 8:05 25 minutes
2007-Apr-30 to 2009-Apr-17 Monday to Friday 7:50 35 minutes
KBS2 1995-May-01 to 1996-Mar-02 Monday to Saturday 8:30 30 minutes
2011-Nov-07 to present Monday to Friday 9:00 40 minutes

TV Shows[edit]

Start date End date Title Episodes
1987-Mar-02 1987-Apr-03 Love TV소설-사랑
1987-Apr-06 1987-May-15 Sanyuhwa TV소설-산유화
1987-May-18 1987-Jun-24 Sunaebo TV소설-순애보
1987-Jul-01 1987-Aug-05 Forever Smile TV소설-영원한 미소
1987-Aug-10 1987-Oct-08 Pearl Tower TV소설-진주탑
1995-May-01 1995-Oct-14 The Road TV소설-길 (KBS2)
1995-Oct-16 1996-Mar-02 Rapid TV소설-여울 (KBS2)
1996-Mar-04 1996-Aug-29 Eun Ha Soo TV소설-은하수
1996-Sep-02 1997-Mar-01 White Dandelion TV소설-하얀 민들레
1997-Mar-03 1997-Nov-01 Splendor In The Grass TV소설-초원의 빛
1997-Nov-03 1998-May-02 The River of Maternal Love TV소설-모정의 강
1998-May-04 1998-Sep-18 You and My Song TV소설-너와 나의 노래
1998-Sep-21 1999-Apr-03 Eun Ah's Garden TV소설-은아의 뜰
1999-Apr-05 1999-Sep-25 You TV소설-당 신
1999-Sep-27 2000-Apr-15 Sister's Mirror TV소설-누나의 거울
2000-Apr-17 2000-Oct-21 Dandelion 162
2000-Oct-23 2001-Apr-21 Promise 156
2001-Apr-23 2001-Nov-03 Flower Story 167
2001-Nov-05 2002-Aug-03 Stepmother 223
2002-Aug-05 2003-Apr-19 Album of Life 219
2003-Apr-21 2003-Nov-15 Buni 178
2003-Nov-17 2004-Jun-12 Briar Flower 180
2004-Jun-14 2005-Jan-29 You are a Star 196
2005-Jan-31 2005-Aug-27 Wind Flower 179
2005-Aug-29 2006-Mar-18 Hometown Station 174
2006-Mar-20 2006-Nov-04 As the River Flows 198
2006-Nov-06 2007-Apr-28 Sunok 150
2007-Apr-30 2007-Nov-09 Landscape in My Heart 138
2007-Nov-12 2008-Jun-06 Belle 149
2008-Jun-08 2009-Jan-02 Big Sister 150
2009-Jan-05 2009-Apr-17 Glory of Youth 75
2011-Nov-07 2012-May-04 Dear My Sister (KBS2) 130
2012-May-07 2013-Jan-04 Love, My Love (KBS2) 175
2013-Jan-07 2013-Jun-21 Samsaengi (KBS2) 120
2013-Jun-24 2014-Jan-03 Eun Hee (KBS2) 140
2014-Jan-06 2014-Jun-29 Gold Land (KBS2) 163
2014-Aug-25 2015-Feb-27 Abiding Love Dandelion (KBS2) 134
2015-Mar-2 2015-Aug-14 In Still Green Days (KBS2) 119
2015-Aug-17 2016-Feb-26 The Stars Are Shining (KBS2) 128
2016-Feb-29 2016-Sep-06 My Mind's Flower Rain (KBS2) 128
2016-Sep-07 2017-Feb-24 That Sun in the Sky (KBS2) 121
2017-Feb-27 2017-Aug-11 Sea of the Woman (KBS2) 120
2017-Aug-14 2018-Feb-09 Dal Soon's Spring (KBS2) 129
2018-Feb-12 2018-Aug-31 Waves, Waves (KBS2) 143
2018-Sep-03 2019-???-?? Lady Cha Dal Rae's Lover (KBS2) 120

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