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Taiyo no Uta
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  • Title: タイヨウのうた
  • Title (romaji): Taiyo no Uta
  • Also known as: Song of the Sun
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Romance, Human drama
  • Episodes: 10
  • Viewership ratings: 10.26%
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: 2006-Jul-14 to 2006-Sep-15
  • Air time: Friday 22:00
  • Theme songs:


While working at a seaside inn with his high school buddies, Fujishiro Koji meets Kaoru Amane, a street musician. Kaoru is suffering from an incurable disease called XP (xeroderma pigmentosum), and can't be exposed to the sun. Under the sun, the two would never have met. Still, destiny brings the two together. Since the day he suddenly lost his job, Koji has lost sight of his dreams. But when he meets Kaoru, who is making positive efforts to become a singer, Koji regains his long-forgotten passion for music. --TBS

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Episode Subtitle Ratings
Ratings (Kansai) Ratings (Nationwide)
01 A girl hated by the sun ... A miracle given by the night 13.8 ??.? ??.?
02 A moonlit night's confession ... An unforgettable first love 06.9 ??.? ??.?
03 Love destroyed by the sun 08.4 ??.? ??.?
04 The dream you gave me 11.1 ??.? ??.?
05 Light in the midst of despair 09.5 ??.? ??.?
06 A discarded old vengeance 11.3 ??.? ??.?
07 To the stage we promised to stand on 09.4 ??.? ??.?
08 A dream with companions 11.4 ??.? ??.?
09 The encroaching shadow of fate 10.8 ??.? ??.?
10 Beautiful song 10.2 ??.? ??.?
Average -- 10.26 ??.? ??

Source: Video Research, Ltd.




  • Story is based on the Hong Kong film Endless Love (A.K.A. C'est La Vie Mon Cheri, Xin Bu Liao Qing, New Endless Love, 新不了情) which has won 6 awards at the 1994 Hong Kong Film Awards including best Best Film, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress.
  • The shows film adaptation starring, YUI and Tsukamoto Takashi debuted at the 6th spot.
  • Sawajiri Erika debuted as a singer under her character name Kaoru Amane. The single includes 2 songs Stay With Me and Taiyo no Uta, released on August 30, 2006.

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