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Renaming to Yoo Jin?[edit]

As a follower of korean dramas, I know there are many english spelling variations of korean names (Im/Lim/Yim, Kook/Guk/Gook/Kuk, etc), and so as I read the following text in DramaWiki:Romanization of Hangul:
DramaWiki has a stance on the romanization of Korean text, which differs from other wiki's, such as Wikipedia. Wikipedia, for example, focuses on precise accuracy of its information, which is really important when producing an encyclopedia-like service. DramaWiki, however, places its focus on the ease of searching for information. The guidelines DramaWiki use when romanizing Korean text are that the:
  • words and phrases, including proper nouns, be entered using a spelling arrangement that is most common among Korean drama fans.
  • latin-based characters used can be entered using any computer keyboard, including non-PC keyboards and operating systems.
  • words and phrases can be queried using a variety of Internet-based search engines using their default interfaces and settings.
I take the highlighted text to mean we should use the most popular name for an artist. If we did not want to use the english word Eugene for this artist, I think 유진 / Yoo Jin would be the next best choice. It would seem that her stage name 유진 / Yoo Jin (Eugene) would be the more perferable name for her rather than her real name Kim Yoo Jin. -- unsigned message by Imian 06:26 CET
Perhaps the guide is not clear enough. With "most common among Korean drama fans" we mean "English speaking kdrama fans" and not "drama fans from Korea" because we target to a English-speaking fan community world-wide. Anyway, in a wiki it is best to choose an article name that a reader expects most. All other possible spellings or alternative names (AKAs) can exist as redirects that link to that page to improve page access. So, I guess the best name for the page would either be the romanized real name (Kim Yoo Jin) or alternatively a stage name which is most popular among the English-speaking DramaWiki readers (=Eugene?). I'm not sure if readers would rather reference or search for "Eugene", "Yoo Jin" or even "Yu Jin".
No matter which name we choose all those common names and spellings should lead to the article when searching the wiki, either through the article name or through redirects. Just check out all the redirects for Eugene on Wikipedia. And according to the discussion about the naming of the Wikipedia article the name on her albums is "Eugene". It's her official English stage name. --MoerkJ talk 14:11, 30 Sep 2008 (CEST)
I was just trying to specifically understand why the redirect to "Kim Yoo Jin" instead of either using her english stage name (Eugene) or redirect to her korean stage name (Yoo Jin)? I've come across names dramawiki like Kim Bo Yun and Lee Hui Do and wondered why they were not redirected to more popular names like Lee Bo Yeon and Lee Hee Do. I wondered if there something I was missing?
However, bottom line, you are correct - in the end all names leads to the correct person and articles. --Imian 06:22, 1 Oct 2008 (CEST)
The article probably shouldn't have been moved in the first place. Her official English stage name is "Eugene" and she's popularly known by that name. English Wikipedia has her article under "Eugene" and her official site was under that name as well. I don't think it's you who's missed the point. The person who moved the article in the first place doesn't exactly have a good track record for sensible edits. If given the chance, he'd probably move "Madonna" to "Madonna Louise Ciccone." --Lady Zhuge 14:33, 1 Oct 2008 (CEST)
Yes, the names for some articles of Korean persons may be incorrect or not not well chosen. It's because not every author (including me) is very familiar to Korean language and/or culture. Feel free to rename (move) articles if you think the name is kind of wrong, strange or uncommon. You (or Marc8 in this particular case) don't have to fix the links in the originating articles as long as there are no ambiguities or name clashes (e.g. persons with same or similar name). The redirects that are created with the move will fix the linking.
I'll re-rename the article to "Eugene" and perhaps revert some unnecessary edits in the originating articles (which is unnecessary as well). --MoerkJ talk 18:26, 1 Oct 2008 (CEST)