Hanayome wa Yakudoshi

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An article already exists for this drama: Hana Yome wa Yakudoshi

I think however that this article has the correct romaji title (hanayome instead of hana yome). Can anyone confirm this?

The two articles have different english titles. "Fake Bride" doesn't sound right to me.

Should we merge the two articles and take the best parts from each article? --Gryzze 06:46, 16 Jul 2006 (EDT)

Yes hanayome is better, but we could still keep "Fake Bride" as some sites like J-fan have it as that. --Lzydata 22:22, 16 Jul 2006 (EDT)
But a yakudoshi is supposed to be "an unlucky year for people of certain ages". I've seen the drama being called "Unlucky Year for the Bride" at a few places and I think that makes more sense. J-fan got the romaji title wrong to begin with. I can't understand where "fake" comes from. --Gryzze 00:24, 17 Jul 2006 (EDT)
Maybe because the first title for this was Hanayome wa Dummy. They later changed that to this one.--Ina 01:49, 17 Jul 2006 (EDT)

Episode Titles[edit]

Can anyone fill in the blanks for the remaining episode titles to this drama? Thanks --YtToshi 09:55, 14 Sep 2006 (EDT)