Japanese Drama Season - Summer 2008

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I've re-designed the viewership ratings table. The emphasis on this re-design are:

  • Have the points aligned to the right, so that we can eliminate attaching zeros to the left (ex: 06.7)
  • Eliminate the use of "__" between percentage points.
  • While editing, make it easier to eye-ball exactly what week is being worked on.
  • On the old layout, when the season came to an end, the table became too wide. This new layout will stay consistent, and at the same time the table adjusts itself more efficiently when the reader changes the widths to less than 800px.

Things I've added/removed:

  • Removed the kana from the show titles. The kana is already in the articles themselves. And, it is consistent with our overall philosophy that this is a wiki for English readers.
  • Made the text 10-percent smaller. This is necessary to get the format of the table to fit within the 1000px width goal.
  • Added a column to indicate the show ended (old way was to stick the "end" word next to the last rating.)
  • Added a column for the average rating once a show ends.

If you have any comments about the layout, please add them to this talk page/section. Groink 12:18, 10 Aug 2008 (CEST)