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Zhao or Chao?[edit]

I know nothing about things Chinese. So I did the only thing I know how to do - Google. There appears to be a split... People on Wikipedia prefer "Mark Chao", although his Chinese name is "Zhao". As for the number of hits, "Mark Zhao" clearly beats out "Mark Chao". The only thing I can think of is that it is possible he prefers his English name to be "Chao" because English-speaking people know how to pronounce it, while even myself don't know how to pronounce "Zhao". I think the name should be "Mark Chao" based on my logic. Groink 23:48, 28 Apr 2009 (UTC)

"Chao" is a Taiwan way of pinyin, while "Zhao" is China way or the standard pinyin. Since he is a Taiwanese and all the official documentations (Trailers, promos, posters) all showed him as Mark Chao, I also believe he should be kept as Mark Chao. --WaterOB 15:43, 29 Apr 2009 (UTC)
It has nothing to do with how it is/should be pronounced in English. It's more of an issue between which phonetic system you want to use. Chao is from the Wade-Giles system "used" in Taiwan while Zhao is from the Mandarin hanyu pinyin system. Mark will be referred to more frequently as Zhao on the Internet as the pinyin system is more common and preferred by most organizations.
If we went by WaterOB's argument that we should go with Mark Chao since he is Taiwanese and the promo pictures stated his name as such, then the same argument could be made to Vic Zhou's last name. The promos write it as Chou instead of Zhou. Another similar example would be Angela Zhang. Also keep in mind that his father's page, Zhao Shu Hai, goes by the pinyin system. Shouldn't father and son be under the same last name?
On an additional note, besides already being the system taught in Taiwanese schools, pinyin has also become the official system in Taiwan as of January 2009. -- Zahra
You do have a point with Wade-Giles System vs. Standard Pinyin. The only reason I didn't change any of their names is because the records were initially established using standard pinyin, I see no point of changing them. As for Mark Chao, it was initially establish as Mark Chao. So again, I see no point of changing it to Mark Zhao. Since he is a new actor, we should take this opportunity to make sure people know him by the official spelling. One more note: Not all Taiwanese uses Wade-Giles. We don't know how our names are spelled until we are given a passport. So we shouldn't go around changing their names until we have proof they are known by certain spelling. --WaterOB 16:00, 11 May 2009 (UTC)