Wu Chun

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Wu zun is a 1980 birthdate according to the following sourceS: ........

Okay, I've changed his birth year according to the consensu. Just to note:
  • During the interview on Kang Xi dated 12/2006, the show showed a photo of 7 year-old Wu Zun from 1988. That makes him 1981.
  • During another interview, Ella mentioned that Wu Zun is two years older than her. Ella being 1981, that makes Wu Zun 1979. Since they were working together, she seemed to be a more credible source.
--WaterOB 10:16, 17 Dec 2006

Name change[edit]

Tho' Zun and Chun both are valid spelling for his first name, his official spelling is Chun and he prefers Chun. If the artist wants to be known as Chun, then the fans should refer to him as such. --WaterOB 15:45, 3 Jan 2007 (CST)

Exactly! That is stated as one of the criterion in the DramaWiki guidelines regarding romanization. What happens, however, is that the misspelling of the name becomes popular within the fan pool. This is what happened with Itoh Misaki where her talent agency actually spells her name as Ito. But the damage throughout the Internet has already been done (thanks a bunch,, and therefore she's Itoh. This is why when I wrote the romanization rules, the intent was to use the most popular romanization method for long-time artists like Itoh-san, and the artist's preference for all new artists. Now that DramaWiki is the number-one Eastern Asian artist resource on the Internet, we have an influence in the way artist names are spelled. If we can create the article for a new artist quick enough, we can actually establish the correct romanization spelling early on, and have the rest of the Internet follow suit. Groink 19:48, 3 Jan 2007 (CST)