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"Tokyo Love Christmas" trivia[edit]

My contribution that Groink has objected to:

In episode 1, the romance drama Mitsurugi Reiji is starring in is "Tokyo Love Christmas". This may be a combination of the Sakamoto Yuji dramas Tokyo Love Story and Last Christmas.

Contrary to Groink, I think this is very justified "speculation". Such an awkward and similar title clearly wasn't plucked out of thin air. Let's restore it.

Look up in the dictionary for the word "justified" and "speculation". Both words do not convey "fact". Remember, DramaWiki requires that EVERY, AND I MEAN EVERY piece of information must be non-point-of-view, and that it can be VERIFIED. DramaWiki does not allow 1st-person research on the part of the editor. Please read the DramaWiki style guide for information on establishing credibility through citing sources. Groink 14:01, 1 Nov 2006 (CST)
Think about it... What if you wrote the same thing in a term paper for your school? Your teacher comes up to you and asks where you obtained the information. Are you going to tell her, "Well, sensei, it is justified speculation on my part." Do you know what sensei is going to do? He's going to write a massive letter "F", probably with a thick sharpie pen, across the front page. Again, read the style guide. Groink 14:06, 1 Nov 2006 (CST)
First of all, considering the style guide's editable, and that in fact you wrote most of it, I think it's highly dishonest for you to point people to it as the infallible authority backing you up. So much for a NPOV.
Second, it's interesting that you make an analogy to a term paper, because any term paper worth reading at all is going to contain new "facts", things that one didn't know before reading it and couldn't know, because they are original theories invented by the author, who backs them up with arguments that then make use of previously-known facts. This is what I mean by "justified speculation". Your sensei's still going to give you an F if you just regurgitate the encyclopedia and show no sign of independent thinking. (Maybe a D, if you're nice.) If the trivia was simply the first sentence, that the drama he starred in is "Tokyo Love Christmas", that's certainly unquestionable (1st episode, 2:36). But what makes this fact relevant to anybody at all is my theory that it's a jab at two established, classic romance dramas. This is the sort of thing that makes dramas interesting. It's also what makes DramaWiki interesting to its users, not ever more correct and comprehensive cast and ratings info, although they are important too. If we just want the latter, we should just use a database, not a wiki. Maybe you can run it.
I will give you an example from another drama, Stand Up!!. There was a scene where Shou decides to watch some classic romance dramas to learn what love is, and the videos are clearly parodies of "Tokyo Love Story", "Asunaro Hakusho" and "101 Proposals" - iconic scenes, dialog, music etc. Ah, you'll say, but this isn't verifiable anywhere! Tsutsumi Yukihiko didn't actually print the bloody titles on the screen! The official site didn't announce it! Blah blah blah... You want to know where I got the information? I got it from my drama-watching experience. I could show a newbie the dramas and nobody would disagree that they're parodies; among drama fans it's understood, which is why it's funny. Your dogmatic stance against anything smacking of non-official information - even if it's hardly "fanboy/fangirl" propaganda - prevents people from sharing what they know, and other people from learning more and appreciating the dramas more. DramaWiki will be poorer for it. --Lzydata 20:17, 1 Nov 2006 (CST)
Exactly where did you receive your education from? ACME University? Any college instructor (and I AM a certified college instructor) will tell you that a term paper must NOT contain original thought. You are writing a term paper to summarize other sources. A term paper should contain only information obtained from primary and secondary sources, such as interviews, news articles, and other reliable sources. If you're writing a dissertation, then yes you can put down original thought. But DramaWiki, as well as Wikipedia is not a soap box to convey original thought. You can tell us that right now it is raining at your home. But you can't write that on DramaWiki until the official weather report states it as fact. Leave the original thought idea at the front door before you enter DramaWiki.
Now about the style guide. I was asked by the administrators to write the guidelines for DramaWiki because it lacked one. I can't quote word-for-word what they told me, but basically it comes down to "Well, if you're going to dictate policy, have it in writing." I wrote the guides MONTHS ago. Any of you other editors can easily address the material in the discussions pages. Also, MOST of the style guide is verbatim of Wikipedia. Try posting your original thought on Wikipedia; my editing style is Mickey Mouse compared to the editors at Wikipedia. So whatever your opinion is about the stances made in the style guide, it will STAND until you can get other editors together and have it changed. In the meantime, I WILL USE THE GUIDE to keep DramaWiki free of original thought of any kind.
Until you can cite evidence from a reliable source for your "justified speculation", it is staying out of the article and out of DramaWiki. Groink 21:56, 1 Nov 2006 (CST)