The Autumn Ballad

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The Autumn Ballad


  • Title: 嫣语赋 / Yan Yu Fu
  • English title: The Autumn Ballad
  • Genre: Historical, romance
  • Episodes: 34
  • Broadcast network: Tencent
  • Broadcast period: 2022-Feb-05
  • Opening theme song: Beautiful Words to Say (嫣语赋) by Xu Wei (徐薇)
  • Ending theme song: Wish (情愿) by Feng Jia Qi (冯佳琪)
  • Insert songs:
    • Pansy’s Flower Language (三色堇的花语) buy Qiao Xin
    • Yi Jue (翊诀) by Luan Yi Ze (栾贻泽)


The story of a witty young girl named Qiu Yan, who is the least favored eldest daughter of Qiu Manor; and a cold-faced duke named Liang Yi, as they go from battling each other with wits and boldness to understanding and accompanying each other.

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Main Cast

Qiu Family

  • Zheng Wei Li as Old Mrs. Qiu
  • Huang Fei (黄飞) as Qiu Xian, first mister of Qiu family
  • Yu Xiao Lei as Madame Jiang, first madame of Qiu family
  • Zhang Chi as Qiu Mei, daughter of Qiu Xian and Madame Jiang
  • Li Jin Rong as Qiu Yi, second mister of Qiu family. Qiu Yan's father
  • Deng Ying as Madame Han, second madame of Qiu family. Qiu Yan's foster mother and Qiu Min's birth mother
  • Xu Jie Er as Madame Liu, Qiu Yi's concubine and Qiu Yan's birth mother
  • Dong Hao Ran as Qiu Rong, son of Qiu Yi and Madame Liu. Qiu Yi's brother
    • Ha Ni as Qiu Rong (young)
  • He Wei Ran as Qiu Ning, third mister of Qiu family
  • Zhu Ge Cheng Cheng as Madame Qian, third madame of Qiu family
  • Cheng Fang Xu as Qiu Hong, fourth mister of Qiu family
  • Zhang Wei Na as Madame Mi, fourth madame of Qiu family
  • Kong Song Jin as Madame Kou, concubine of Qiu Hong
  • Zhang Yi Cong as Yuan Lang / Qiu Di, son of Qiu Hong and Madame Mi
  • Li Xi Meng as Qiu Ying, daughter of Qiu Hong and Madame Kou
  • Wang Qian as Qing Dai, Qiu Yan's maid

Royal Family

He Family

Supporting Cast

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