The Emperor's Harem

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Hou Gong


  • Title: 后宫 / Hou Gong
  • English title: The Emperor's Harem
  • Also known as: The Royal Harem
  • Genre: Period, Romance
  • Episodes: 46
  • Broadcast network: ZJTV
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Nov-06 start


After many years as the Emperor, Ming Emperor Ming Xian Zong had yet to produce a male heir. Dowager Zhou who was the Emperor's birth mother, and the worried court officials, pressurized the Emperor to take on new consorts. Meanwhile, the Emperor's most favourite concubine, Wan Zhen Er,(Wan Gui Fei), had a baby boy not long after who died within a month. Thus, when other concubines got pregnant, Wan Gui Fei was jealous and worried so she collaborated with a powerful eunuch, Wang Zhi a.k.a Wang Chang Gong, who got the Emperor's notice thanks to Wan Gui Fei, to make the other concubines miscarriage. Meanwhile, the main character, Shao Chunhua(previous name: Li Ziyun), met her friend, Shao Qingzi a.k.a Shao Xian Fei(previous name: Shao Chunhua), who was from outside the palace who saved her before when they were both kids. Shao Chunhua also met Yang Yong, who became a male musician in the palace. Unfortunately, Shao Chunhua and another good friend of hers, Bai Hanxiang a.k.a Bai Chen Fei, who grew up together with her in the palace fell in love with the same man. Will the good truimph over evil and will Chunhua ever finds true love in a place where one could die anytime?

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