The Empire Warrior

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The Empire Warrior


  • Title: 王者清风 / Wang Zhe Qing Feng
  • English title: The Empire Warrior / King of the Wind
  • Also known as: 功夫乾隆之龙跃盘山 (Gong Fu Qian Long Zhi Long Yue Pan Shan) / 功夫乾隆 (Gong Fu Qian Long)
  • Episodes: 38
  • Genre: Wuxia
  • Broadcast period:
    • 2013-Jan-15 (Zhejiang News Channel)
    • 2013-Jun-28 (Shenzhen TV, Dongnan TV)


The story of the young Hong Li's life in Jianghu. In the process of searching for the treasures of the Qing Dynasty and exploring his own life experience, he shuttled through the rivers and lakes and court conspiracies. After many challenges, he finally became the emperor and gained the chivalry and love.

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Production Credits

  • Director: He Shu Pei
  • Screenwriter: Ning Hao Screnplay Studio (宁浩编剧工作室)
  • Producer: Zhang Ning
  • Executive producer: Chen Qiao Chu (陈翘楚), Yu Wen (宇文)
  • Company: Yinrun Media and Northern Film Company

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