The Flaming Brothers

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The Flaming Brothers


  • Title: 绝命追踪 / Jue Ming Zhui Zong
  • English title: The Flaming Brothers
  • Also known as: The Track; 纵横四海 / Zong Heng Si Hai
  • Genre: Period, mystery, action
  • Episodes: 36
  • Viewership ratings: Average = 0.082%
  • Broadcast network: Zhejiang Channel
  • Broadcast period:
    • 2015-Jan-16 (Zhejiang Channel)
    • 2015-Jul-23 (Chongqing TV, Yunnan TV)
  • Related TV Series: Flaming Brothers (ATV, 1998), To Where He Belongs (ATV, 2001)


The story of Liao Shenghui, Yu Zi, and Zeng Jiayang, three young people with different identities but their own unique skills. Step by step to they explore the shocking secrets hidden behind the fire in the orphanage.

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