The Legendary Siblings

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  • Title: 絕世雙嬌 (绝代双骄) / Jue Dai Shuang Jiao
  • Also known as: The Legendary Siblings
  • Genre: Wuxia, romance
  • Related TV series: The Proud Twins

Season 1[edit]

The Legendary Siblings
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast year: 1999
  • Opening theme song: Kuai Le Zhi Shang by Jimmy Lin
  • Ending theme song: Zhi Yao Wei Ni Huo Yi Tian by Nicholas Tse


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Season 2[edit]

The Legendary Siblings 2
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast network: CTS
  • Broadcast year: 2002
  • Opening theme song: A World with You by Jimmy Lin
  • Ending theme song: by Li Xiao Lu


20 years ago, a swordsman who is very highly skilled in martial arts and only interested in competing with other swordsman appeared in the pugilist world. Four leaders of reputable sects died under his sword. Both Xiao Yu Er and Hua Wu Que who were by now invincible in martial arts decided to compete with him in order to restore peace. But both of them later went missing and the swordsman no longer appeared. It was rumoured that both Xiao Yuer and Hua Wu Que had sacrificed their lives for the pugilist world and had become legends. At the same time, both their sons are still in the pugilist world, but it's not known where they are.

20 years later....

Both sons have grown up, but what kind of people have they grown up to be? The brothers of the previous generation were enemies at first but ended up as brothers. This generation, will the 2 brothers follow their father's footsteps? Slowly, the truth will unveil.





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