The Legendary Warrior

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The Legendary Warrior


  • Title: 薛仁贵传奇 (薛仁貴傳奇) / Xue Ren Gui Chuan Qi
  • English title: The Legendary Warrior
  • Also known as: 隋唐英雄传之薛仁贵传奇 / Sui Tang Ying Xiong Zhuan Zhi Xue Ren Gui Chuan Qi / The Legend of Xue Ren Gui
  • Genre: Ancient drama, wuxia, action, romance
  • Episodes: 32
  • Broadcast year: 2006
  • Opening theme song: Ying Xiong Qi (英雄气) Heroic Air by Song Xue Lai (宋雪莱)
  • Ending theme song: Hong Xiu Qiu (红绣球) Red Embroidery Ball by Xu Lan Lan (许岚岚)
  • Related TV series: Sui Tang Ying Xiong Zhuan


Emperor Li Shi Min of the Tang dynasty has frequently been plagued by the same nightmare, in which he sees himself being hunted in a forest and helplessly trapped by enemies. Each time however, he is saved by a strong, highly skilled, and patriotic warrior. He believes it is an omen and is determined to find this mysterious hero. That hero turns out to be Xue Ren Gui, a good and honest man who would rise from tragedy and poverty and overcome all sorts of other adversities to become a famous military commander in Li Shi Min's army. -- Lady Zhuge

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