The Love of Hypnosis

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The Love of Hypnosis


  • Title: 南烟斋笔录 / Nan Yan Zhai Bi Lu
  • English title: The Love of Hypnosis
  • Also known as: Records of the Southern Mist House
  • Genre: Period, romance, fantasy
  • Episodes: 70
  • Broadcast network: Mango TV
  • Broadcast period: 2020


A white-collar worker discovers old records in her childhood home which takes the story to the end of Qing and the beginning of the Republican era. The female protagonist of the novel, Lu Mansheng, who sells unique scents which has asupernatural ability to heal her clients’ broken hearts. She meets and falls in love with Ye Shen, a patriotic young man who also seems to have some sort of supernatural power.


Production Credits

  • Original writing: Nan Yan Zhai Bi Lu (南烟斋笔录) by Ke Xiao Sha (壳小杀) & Zuo Xiao Ling (左小翎)
  • Directors: Liu Hai Bo, Ye Zhao Yi, Wu Jiu Xi
  • Screenwriters: Wu Jiu Xi, Feng Xia (冯侠)
  • Producer: Li Na (李娜)
  • Company: Brandcore Entertainment, Ent. Evolution, Sky Arise Pictures, Sina Weibo, Tiandao Zhishan, Daent TV, Flying Youth Culture Media Company, Senyu Culture

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