The Romance of Tiger and Rose

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The Romance of Tiger and Rose


  • Title: 传闻中的陈芊芊 / Chuan Wen Zhong De Chen Qian Qian
  • English title: The Romance of Tiger and Rose
  • Also known as: The Rumored Chen Qianqian, The Rumored Third Princess
  • Genre: Historical, romance, crossworlds travel, gender inequality
  • Episodes: 24 (45 minutes each)
  • Broadcast network: Tencent
  • Broadcast period: 2020-May-18 until 2020-Jun-01
  • Airing time: Monday & Tuesday 20:00
  • Original soundtrack: The Romance of Tiger and Rose OST
  • Related TV series: The Romance of Tiger and Rose 2


Chen Xiaoqian, a scriptwriter who has been single and never been in a relationship since birth, wrote a female centric drama. However, her writing was criticized by the male lead actor, Mr. Han. Taken aback by the criticism, Chen Xiaoqian vowed to prove her ability but she fell sick while working on the script. She ended up waking up only to find that she has been trapped in her own script where she became the Third princess of Huayuan City, a minor supporting character who is supposed to be killed in episode 3. Thus, her journey for survival begins, where she meets two guys - an unpredictable rich young master named Han Shuo and a perfect guy who is the Minister of Education named Pei Heng.

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A rookie scriptwriter who entered her own script. She then assumed the identity of the Third princess of Huayuan City. In the original story, Chen Qianqian was infamous for her arrogant personality, notorious bad habits and laziness; and was supposed to be a fodder character that died after 3 episodes. In the current timeline, Chen Xiaoqian's kind-hearted and bright personality gradually wins over many people and transforms Chen Qianqian's fate.
Young master of Xuanhu City. A man of exceptional talent but suffers from heart disease and was said to die after twenty years old. He is proud, cunning and cruel. In the original story, he killed Chen Qianqian and ended up falling in love with Chen Chuchu. In the current timeline, he falls for Chen Qianqian.
Second princess of Huayuan City. She is upright, kind-hearted and dotes on Chen Qianqian. However, despite possessing exceptional talent in governing, she is disfavored since young. In the original story, she is the female lead who ends up with the position of City Owner and married Han Shuo. In the current timeline, because she was robbed of her position as the City Owner, she gradually turns dark.
Minister of Education. Known for his outstanding looks and exceptional literary talent, he is the most revered guy of Huayuan City. In the original story, he is Chen Qianqian's fiancé but despises her. In the current timeline, he grows to admire Chen Qianqian.


Line up of main and supporting cast
Eldest princess of Huayuan City. She was crippled since young due to being poisoned and suffers from a low self-esteem, resulting in her sensitive and prickly character. She has outstanding medical skills but unable to cure her own illness. She falls for Su Mu after spending time with him.
Young mistress of Lin family, who manages the Royal Academy. She is a close friend to Chen Chuchu and dislikes Chen Qianqian. She also has an unrequited love for Pei Heng. She later switches to Chen Qianqian's side and became friends with her after she realises Chen Chuchu's true colours, as she was assassinated by her men.
  • Wu Yi Jia as Zi Rui, Chen Qianqian's attendant
He talks too much but he is the most loyal companion to Chen Qianqian.
He often mistakes Han Shuo's intentions, leading to hilarious encounters.
The top musician of the Royal Academy. In the original story, he is deeply favored by Chen Qianqian. He is talented in observing people and reliable in handling matters. His considerate personality helps bring Chen Yuanyuan out of her depression state. He falls for Chen Yuanyuan gradually as she was one of the people who did not mind his identity.
Subordinate of Pei Heng. He appears weak and fragile, but is extremely cunning. In the original script, he was a character written to push the story development to aid Chen Chuchu. In the current timeline, he turns to Chen Qianqian's side as the time goes by.
  • Shen Chi as Meng Guo, head bandit of Wei Meng Mountain
In the original script he was one of Han Shuo's most capable subordinates. In the current timeline, he becomes Chen Qianqian's sworn brother and subordinate.

People from Huayuan City
People from Xuanhu City
Extended Cast

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2021 6th Golden Spider Academic Award
2021 2nd People's Daily Digital Communication and Fusion Screen Ceremony
2020 China Television Drama Production Industry Association Awards
  • Outstanding Young Screenwriter (Nan Zhen)
2020 Douyin's Award Gala
  • Douyin Annual Quality Drama
2020 Golden Bud - The Fifth Network Film And Television Festival
  • Popular Web Series of the Year
2020 Tencent Video Starlight Awards
  • The Most Popular TV Series Overseas
  • Best Writing for a Television Series (Nan Zhen)
  • Breakthrough TV Actor of the Year (Zhao Lu Si)
  • Promising Actor of the Year (Ding Yu Xi)
  • TV Series of the Year
2020 12th China TV Drama Awards
2020 7th The Actors of China Awards Ceremony
2020 Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China


  • The show was filmed between August and October 2019 at Hengdian World Studios.
  • The show earned 7.4/10 score on Chinese review site Douban and 897 million views on Tencent Video as of 2nd June 2020, according to Chinese ticketing platform Maoyan. Source

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